Box gutter repair?

mli0krezNovember 30, 2010

My 1884 2 1/2 story brick house has a new shingle roof. Slate was torn off in 1995. But the box gutters on all four sides are a problem. Metal, previously lined with rubber about 15 years ago. Rubber has lifted up all along outer edge, and has dirt, mineral, etc underneath. They leak and probably are damaging the wood beneath the metal.

Repair options I've heard of include removing the old rubber (which would be easy. Clean, then repair. But how?

Tar, mesh and more tar? Redo the rubber? Other options?

I also have seen houses where the box gutters were covered over with wood sheeting as an extension of the roof slope, then shingled over. Then a new 5" OG gutter was installed.

It just loses a lot of its "old house" look.

Please advise me. Thanks!

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You don't want to replace them with modern gutters, as that would spoil the look of the house, and lead to clogging with leaves. My box gutters were lined with rubber about twenty years ago, so I guess I should check the lining. :)
I'd say, remove the rubber, clean the metal, and replace the rubber--I wonder if that ice dam stuff would work, or if it degrades from sunlight?
Perhaps when you replace it, have it overlap the top outer edge enough to be tacked down as well as glued?

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