Portable DVD player - Need help

Julie_MI_Z5December 11, 2005

Ok, this is off topic but I'm desperate!

Does anyone hae a portable DVD player?

My shopping is done except for our 14 year old son, whose wish list only includes video games (NOT happening). I thought the DVD player might be a nice idea since he spends lots of time riding in the car.

Can you re-start movies where you left off?

Anything else I should know about these?


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You can not re-start movies where you left off, if the DVD player was shut down. You can pause the movie, but the player has to stay powered-on until you start watching it again. This tends to suck battery life.

However, he can just use the scene index and get close to where he was.

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Can you play regular movies on a widescreen DVD player??

That whole "widescreen" just totally confuses me. You would all laugh to see me at the electronics store, trying to watch 2 TV's simultaneously and trying to figure out what is different between wide screen and regular.

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