40' Kitchen Cabinet Vent

nwkrysNovember 21, 2010

We are currently refinishing the cabinets in our vintage 40's Cape Cod. As in many kitchens of the day there is a vent on the front of the cabinet below the sink. Often times they were just slits cut in the wood parallel with the floor. Mine however has a lovely oval chrome cover which is in dreadful shape. The cover covers a rectangular hole that was cut in the face below the sink. I would have sworn that Rejuvenation had a reproduction chrome cover a couple of years ago and kick myself for not picking up one then. Does anyone know of a source for new old stock or a reproduction chrome cover?

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As a last resort, parts can be rechromed. Downdraft vents are very effective when they're in the stove itself, but I wonder if that holds when the vent is in front of the sink.

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I would definitely call up a plating firm and have them take a look at it. Anything can be re-plated and they probably can (or can put you in touch with someone who can) repair dings or other damage, as long as it is not too bad. Restoring what you have will probably cost less than a reproduction, and I have never seen something like you describe on a sink base cabinet.

Sounds like a great kitchen!


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Nwkrys, any way you could post a picture? Not only am I curious to see it, (which I am!), but I "window shop" a lot of online vintage/restoration stores & I'd definately keep an eye open. Heck, I may even have one and not know what it is. (I've got a LOT of antique "stuff", house & all else. long story).

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Unfortunatly the grille pieces are cracked and I'm not sure replating is a viable option. I will try to post a picture. The house is our second home at the beach and and I won't get down there before Thanksgiving but will get a photo as soon as possible. I really appreciate your suggestions!

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