DIY Ikea & Dollarama closet

caryscottDecember 19, 2009

This a small coat closet in my entrance. I didn't do any before shots but the closet had two short (about 10 inches high) fixed deep shelves at the top then the hanging bar. This was an unloved rental for about 15 years so I am slowly eradicating the beige and brass - it got new paint and I have a new bifold closet door with antique nickel hardware to still install. I also need a boot tray and I think I found a shoe rack yesterday I can modify to fit the space. I'm not terribly good at being organized so I thought this was a modestly successful budget intervention

Antonius Shelving - Ikea

1\2 inch MDF sheet cut into shelves - HD

Coloured bins (small and large) - Dollarama)

Felt bottoms (for the bins) - Dollarama

plastic shoe boxes (Costco I think, I have had them for


hooks for bike panniers - Lee Valley

I already had my own P-Touch Label Maker (PT-65SCCP)


walls: Beauti-Tone Designer Series matte paint in Summerside

shelves: Beauti-Tone Designer Series Trim and Door paint in Trillium (primed in Zinsser 1-2-3)

both Designer Heritage Colours

without coats:

with coats:

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Oh my goodness! Your post has made my day! I checked out the Antonius line at Ikea and it is much cheaper than the ClosetMaid and similar products. And just what I need for a small corner project. Thank you, thank you!

Nicely done closet, by the way! What do you estimate the entire project cost?

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I'm glad it was of some use. A few things like the paint and primer I already had. I also had the larger bins so roughly (based on the receipts):

$40 at Ikea

$8 at Home Depot for the MDF and the 5 cuts (I thought they charged for cuts over 3 but I only paid for the MDF)

$8 for screws

$10 at Dollarama for small bins and felt protectors

$5 for 5 hooks at Lee Valley

So $71 plus the tube cutter ($13) to cut down the clothes bar and I forked out $18 today for this Urbana Shoe Rack (which must cost about $5 to make)which I also modified with my tube cuter so it will fit (L to R) below the bottom shelf to give me some shoe storage (in terms of height it slides under the shelf perfectly). I'm not usually too enamored with my DIY projects this one turned out pretty well.

I installed these small Lack shelves from Ikea recently and I thought I would go insane (they don't have the same hanging hardware as the larger ones) but the Antonius (much cheaper than a similar product at Lee Valley) was very easy to work with. That closet is wildly out of square and the Antonius gave me enough play to get all 4 shelves in (I had to tap the bottom one in but it fit and locked into the wall mounted rail with some persuasion).

Good luck with your project and Happy Holidays.

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Looks great! Co0ngratulations on your DIY project!

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Omigosh! That looks so nice. I've only been to an Ikea store once and I was so overwhelmed that I bought almost nothing! LOL I need to do some measuring and deciding and go back in there armed for shopping! LOL

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Look up "Ikea Hacks" for all kinds of ways to modify Ikea products.

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With the shoe rack in and "boot" mat (actually a car mat I found in the automotive section). Complete except for the door.

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I love your closet. I would think that the positive energy from it being so organized affects the whole house.

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Great use of space caryscott.

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Super job! Can you come to my house next? lol

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Yvonne Albertyn_Brazil

Wow - this is inspiring! Thanks for all the details. I love the lower shelf. We often have guests leave their purses in our hall closet, and I didn't think of providing a shelf. A great idea!

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Wow, now I see the "waste of my ways". Usually I'm good at ferreting out wasted space (lesson learned from Talley_Sue). I see that I can install some sort of shelf on the floor of my hall closet.

I didn't realize that I have used every base cabinet door in my kitchen, but looking for a place to hang silpat sheets I found that every all 9 doors has been used for storing something e.g. folding strainer, scissors, cooking racks, magnetic knife strip, etc.

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Thanks everyone - I keep hoping to return with pics of the door on but I'm not there yet (a mixture of circumstances and procrastination). I wish I could say everything in my condo was as well organized as that closet but not even close. It does encourage me to to tackle the other storage spaces though. Next is this little alcove I have that is perfect for built in shelves (my objective is to complete that before summer). I really appreciate the kind words (they encourage me to keep at it).

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DH is upstairs installing some of the Antonius in our office. We're installed a desk and some shelving. It's pretty wonderful!

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