Elfa sale - mix Elfa with Closet Maid or Rubber Maid components?

liz_hDecember 8, 2006

The Elfa sale runs for 6 weeks starting Christmas Eve. All Elfa products will be 30% off.

Has anyone tried mixing the Container Store's Elfa baskets with the HD (Closet Maid) shelves? or the Rubber Maid closet system? I really like the Elfa mesh baskets for clothes storage. Something about the wire grid drawers just seems wrong to me.

I have a 4 basket Elfa cart that we've used as a clothes hamper for 23 years. Once a week or so, the cart gets wheeled into the laundry room and back. It's held up very well, though some of the paint has chipped off. I know the Elfa is good quality and should last the 30 years I hope to live in this house.


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I can tell you that the slots on the standards don't always line up. They may *look* similar, but they can be 1/8 of an inch off, in spacing vertically, horizontally, etc.

I bought one brand at one store for one room, and a different brand at another store for another room. I thought, oh, I'll use this extra bracket in there. Nope--wouldn't fit. (I'll admit that one of them was Closet Maid and the other was God-knows-what from my local "real" lumber/hardware store.)

So check that before you make any definite plans.

You can get liners for the wire-grid baskets, I thought.

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We'll probably just go with Elfa. Now I need to get my act together and get it all designed beforehand, so we can pick it up the day after Christmas.

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