Seeing the payoff!!!

bspoffordNovember 19, 2008

We have a 10x16 shed used to store the riding mower, push mower, and all garden stuff. It hadn't been cleaned out in about 6 years, and was really piled with crap, and every black pot for every plant we bought in the last 10 years. So, last month I took everything out, purged like a crazed banshee, and reorganized. All the different bags of potting mix, fertilizer, rose dust, etc. was put in large plastic see through bins with like products, and labelled. Pots recycled. Trash thrown out. Tools rehung and put away. Then I went to the garage and pulled out all the garden stuff that should be in the shed too, and got that put away.

Two weeks ago a cousin visited from Canada, and we decided to go to Boston to tend the family gravesite. I made a list the night before of stuff to take, and the next morning it took me all of 5 minutes to gather it all up! And 5 minutes to put it all away! It used to take me 1/2 an hour to gather up tools and stuff because it was all over the place, hard to reach, etc. And never really put away....

And that's the payoff!


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Barbara, Congratulations! Your post reminds me of how we actually need to put our hands on our ''things'' at times, just to know what we own. Sadly, it takes getting fed up with the situation as it isn't (working that is!) to make necessary changes.

I did something similar a year ago in our garage, which made my life so much easier. Just today, I re-organized our freezer/fridge/pantry while I sorted some of the contents for our local food pantry. While I was doing that, I also made lists of meals I could make with the ingredients I have on hand. Tonight, I pulled together dinner in 15 minutes, and didn't realize I had anything I could make that fast!

Doesn't it make you want to look at what else to can do to simplify your life? You're right...the payoff is absolutely worth it.

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I am impressed! It's a lesson to the rest of us that by just spending some time cleaning out one area saves hours throughout the year.

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Good for you! There is the immediate satisfaction of having a neat space, and as you point out, lots of later payoffs as well.

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'Doesn't it make you want to look at what else to can do to simplify your life?'

As I slowly get areas done, I do find that the time savings is significant, and that doesn't even factor in the frustration and stress from not being able to find things. DH needed some duct tape, and I told him exactly where it was. Of course when he was through with it, he left it there on the table. . I handed it to him the next time he walked by.......

I've been working on the closets, and after seeing the 'vertical folding' thread, re-did the t-shirt drawer, and got a lot of clothes purged or put away. Went away for a 3 day trip, 10 minutes to pack. Payoff time!

I just love these payoffs, it helps keep me motivated.


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Did the same thing last night when I went to get walking clothes out of the closet to wear for this morning. I had reorganized my closet yesterday and all of my walking clothes are hung together in the closet, all my jeans, dressier things, etc.

Made getting ready the night before even easier. I, too, love the payoffs!!

Anybody else?

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Congratulations! You inspire me! I have to get my winter stuff out-snowshovels, snowblower,etc. and the garden stuff put away. Also need to rake up all those darned leaves!

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Yes, isn't it much easier when we go to look for something and it is where it belongs. Does cut the stress and buying duplicates because you didn't know that you have it. I have been doing a lot of it. Still need to do the garage and should do it as it has been cool out the last few days but am trying to get ready for the holidays.

I did most of my pantry today because everyone was putting stuff anywhere and I couldn't find the tuna but knew that I had six of them. Now I know what I have and what I need to buy.

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Thanks for sharing your success story, Barbara!


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