Opt out of Catalogues and junk mail

colorcrazyNovember 27, 2010

I've noticed several posters complain about how the junk mail piles up. I've used the opt-out feature for the Direct Mail Association and the catalog opt out web site at


For the local companies where we do business, I've called and asked them to stop sending the catalog.

Might have to do it again in a few years, but this has really cut down on the amount of mail we get. Now if I could get the local paper to stop delivering all those ads with the Sunday edition, smile!

Our junk mail goes straight to the recycle bin, but it is nice to not get much - there are some days when we get no mail! Made me realize how much junk we were getting.

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You can also opt out of credit card solicitations, the Pennysaver and similar mailings, and those darned "convenience checks".

I get as close to NO junk mail as I think I can get.

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I actually like looking at catalogs. I open my mail near the waste basket in my kitchen. Anything I can recycle goes in my paper recycling box, things I don't need or want go in trash, only bills, correspondence and catlogues I'm interested in make it to my desk.

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