I went over the TKO edge when...

corgimumFebruary 18, 2013

I took pictures of the switchplate in our Cancun resort room. Love how everything is more compact than how we do it it here and it is horizontal like a subway tile.

When did you go over the edge?

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Mine was also over receptacles and switch plates.

I moved one receptacle an inch.

I got Lutron Satin Colors receptacles for the backsplash, then changed two of them to different colors of Lutron Satin Colors because I didn't like the way they coordinated.
(I would have changed them all but all the rest are "hidden"

I didn't like the way the Lutron screwless covers sat on the backsplash (not completely flat) so I replaced all the covers. The hidden ones I replaced with stainless steel.

The exposed ones I replaced with back-painted glass to match the backsplash.

They didn't make clear glass switchplates at that time. so I had to buy a gallon of muriatic acid, heavy duty rubber gloves and a respirator to strip the silvering off mirrored ones. I still burnt the inside of my nasal passages.

Then because the screws showed, I had to buy a quart of oil based paint, two special tiny brushes and fashion an armature to hold the screws upright while the paint dried.

I touched up on of the slots in one of the screws with a toothpick after it was installed.

I don't have a car and buying the oil-based paint was a half a day trip to a commercial dealer in Benjamin Moore who still sold oil based paint.

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I too was on TKO overload about switches!

We have 6 different under-cabinet and in-cabinet lighting 'zones' and didn't want the switch looking like mission control so our electrician found a similar toggle switch solution to what you saw in Cancun. Love it!

Also had him remote mount a switch panel (the lower stainless panel) for our vent hood so we can work the lights and blowers without reaching above the stovetop when it's on. Definitely over the TKO edge, but it is fun. :)

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Wow, Pal that was a lot of work. I think I have those same Lutron switch plates. They aren't laying flat on the drywall either. I haven't tiled yet so we will see there. I have found myself rejecting tile colors because they don't match the light ivory plates.

Taggie- How do you keep your switches straight? I find I have to think with just a three gang switch plate.

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corgimom, I don't! There's a lot of turning them on, looking around, and turning them off and on again!! You'd think after more than a year I'd have it figured out, but that must take a bigger intellect than mine. :)

I planned them so carefully, such that they turn on the lights from top to bottom the same way the switches are laid out (upper cabs, in cabs, and undercab lights) and with each bank controlling the cabinets on their sides of the room. But it makes no difference as I almost always get it wrong in everyday use, LOL.

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It was apparent when my husband came home and found me at the table, poring over kitchen plans with his equally TKO ex-wife.

(actually, after all these years we've become extended family, but he was quite amused nevertheless)

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I had all my outlets switched out (no pun intended) with Decora outlets my friend gave me.

Mine are lined up logically and you can get a light on or off from both entrances of the the room, too.

Hmm... and we laugh at people fussing about the tiniest details!

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Ok, I think taking a trip to the RH outlet on my vacation this weekend, by myself, will put me over the line. But I need to find hardware!

If anyone between Albany and Boston wants to come, drop me a line.

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What is the RH outlet?

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Restoration Hardware, one of their outlet stores. I'm hoping the prices are good and they have something I like.

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Last night at 12:20 when I could not sleep and took a flashlight and my pocket level and walked over to the house (we are living in the in-law cottage in the back during the remodel) to check if the outlets have been installed level. My neighbor across the street saw the flashlight inside the house and called my house and suggested he call 911. DH saw I was missing and said.. No that is my wife probably checking something in the house. He knows me too well:)

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I went with Leviton Decora. They are the same color as the paint in most of our rooms. I'm still somewhat mad at DH for not letting the electricians put the double switches on either side of our bed behind the bed. It's a sleigh bed, so it goes out from wall. I knew we would be able to reach the outlets easily. But instead they are between the bed and our night tables so they show. Gggrrr....

LOL GWlolo.

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