Some curtains for the kitchen

schoolhouse_gwFebruary 4, 2013

Bought a sweet pair of vintage kit.curtains (4 panels) at my friend's antique shop yesterday. I'm not one for curtains at my windows but have been searching for just the right pair for the kitchen since I remodeled. I like bare windows, and curtains would be cute - can't have it both ways. So I used tension rods so I can switch out when the mood strikes. Sorry the photos are not too good, for some reason when I try to photograph the kitchen window it turns out dark. The panels at the pantry window are a tad short but it won't bother me, plus when I look in there it appears sort of cluttered, guess I'm just not used to curtains on that window. They sure have changed the whole feel of the kitchen tho. :)

And by the way, I haven't decided if I should paint the pantry window to match the casing and sill. For some reason, I left the old brown paint and keep hesitating to mess with it.

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Cute! And I love the brown paint!

We are starting our kitchen redo next month and hope to have a vintage vibe too.

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I think the curtains are adorable. I'm like you, don't normally have any window coverings, not because they don't look good, but because I prefer maximum strength natural light.

However, my white and dark gray kitchen looked stark to me when it was done. Someone on this board suggested adding some fabric, e.g., a valance over the window behind my sink. I thought, oh no, not for me. Nevertheless, I bought some cute fabric, found a how-to online and made not just a valance but a LINED VALANCE. Me, with next to zero sewing skills.

I hung it high so that it doesn't really cover much of the window or reduce the amount of light coming in. I confess that it's the cutest thing in my kitchen and made me realize that a bit of a homey vintage vibe is more my style than I realized.

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Thanks muffin and linelle. I'm not sure about them just yet. It feels like my grandma's kitchen when I walk in there, "homey" is the right word. The decorative wood valance that my Uncle had built above the kitchen window (not visible in pic) might be enough. I should replicate it above the pantry window. The curtains seem to make the room appear smaller.

I'll leave them up for several days and see what happens. For some reason, I feel they will be a nice touch in the Fall. I don't know why.

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She approves.

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They look perfect for your room. And I love, love, love your beadboard!

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If the cat approves, you're gold. :)

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I think your vintage curtains are quite charming. The brown paint looks nice, too.

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I love your beadboard, too. Nice color.

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You and donaleen have 2 of the most beautiful cosy houses I have ever seen.
Love the curtains and the cat too.

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That print looks remarkably like the curtains in my mom's house from my childhood. I would not be surprised if she still has them packed away somewhere...

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They are really cute. I especially love the look of your second window with the cafe curtains hung 3/4 or 2/3 of the way up - have that in my kitchen.

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Hi tracie.erin, thanks. Actually the first window is identical to the second one in the pantry, except there is no top sash on the kitchen window - just a piece of painted particle board. Strange? yes. When my Uncle remodeled this old schoolhouse into a house, he merely dropped the ceiling down over the tall school windows in this half of the house. So the top of each of these windows is visible in the attic. For some reason, the glass sash was removed from the kitchen window (broke?) so the reason for the cover up. From the outside, you see the board painted white. In the pantry, you see can still see the top sash with glass from outside. This part is actually my fault because I removed what was covering it and it remains that way. Doesn't look horrible. Hard to explain but that's how it is.

After I did the kitchen, my Mom said I should have raised the ceilings in both rooms - too late; but I'll leave everything as is in case that's what the next owner wishes to do.

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I really like them! The pattern is really sweet and I like the vintage vibe.

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