An Oldie Returns under a New Name

pastblessingsNovember 18, 2012

Most of you are probably new since I was here . . . it has been at least 5 years. Back then my user name was Bouncingpig (my last name is Buckingham, so it was a play on words) but in recent years, since my business is Past Blessings and our farm is called Past Blessings Farm, I have changed my user name to Past Blessings. When I left, I don't think it was because I "had it all together" and no longer needed this support . . . it was more just a matter of busyness and eventually "falling out" of contact. I vividly remember a few of you . . . especially Talley Sue and it is good to "see you" here still.

Since I was on, our life has changed dramatically. My kids are nearly grown now . . . our oldest is almost 21, the middle is 19 and my baby is 17. They all still live at home, with the older two in college. We moved out of our suburban neighborhood 2 1/2 years ago to an 1898 farmhouse on 10 acres. We now raise chickens, have barn cats and I put on antique shows on our property. The house was a huge project and still is . . . having stood empty for nearly 2 years (well, except for the mice and voles!) A year and half ago, we had a huge flood that destroyed our basement. We are finally coming out of that. As it stands right now, we only have partial plumbing and partial working wiring, so we have only one bathroom working (and it is a very slow running shower because it too needs new pipes, as these are clogged with iron deposits.) Our master bathroom is fine for a mirror and vanity and the toilet works and sink work, but no shower. The kitchen is dark as the light doesn't work, our laundry room light works when it feels like it and our dishwasher hasn't worked since we lived here. I have learned to get by and realize now that things I once thought were necessities are really luxuries. This house is over 800 sq. ft. smaller than our previous home, so that too has been a challenge.

So this brings me to why I am here. With a small, fixer house, I need to make some changes. Being organized is more important than ever. Space is a commodity we can not waste. Plus, I am one of those "creative types." Which is a nice way of saying I am disorganized and A.D.D.! LOL! I jump from unfinished project to unfinished project and when my house gets too messy or out of control, I escape to pinterest and pretend it isn't so. So I need you girls back in my life to keep me accountable. I hope some of you remember me and if not, I will be happy to make friends again and I am excited to meet those of you who have joined since "the old days."

Brenda (AKA Bouncingpig)

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Welcome back Brenda! I fell out of touch for several years, too. I'm so glad to be back! This forum inspires me so much!

Re "creative type"... I am the same way. I get bored easily. What has worked for me is to have 2 or 3 - but no more than 3 - projects going at once, and switch back and forth. It drives my BO mom nuts but it works for me. This weekend I had 3 going: building "columns" make out of moulding a in the archway between my living and dining rooms, installing a wood fireplace surround, and painting the stairwell going into my basement. I'd work on one until I got bored then Switch to the other. By doing it the way tha works for me, I was able to get all the trim up in the archway & primed, the fireplace about 75% done and the stairwell completely painted. I thin I can get more done overall by doing it the way that works for me. I have banished the word SHOULD from my vocabulary ( like "I should do it this way...")

Sounds like your house is quite an undertaking! Those farm chores take a lot of time away from house stuff. Be mind to yourself and celebrate what you do accomplish. I have up keeping a To Do list. Now I keep an I Did It list. To do lists bring me down. I need things that lift me up! I have a little notebook where I write down every project as I finish it.

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I sure do remember you! Welcome back. This forum isn't as active as it was when you were here last. Maybe we are all organized.

About 6 months ago, I started using the Nike message--JUST DO IT. I now will "just do it" instead of walking past a project/problem day after day rather than letting it nag at me.

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Hi girls! I noticed it seems a bit slower than it was back then. I am really in a purging mode right now, which feels so good! With so much less square footage I really need to do this!

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