Hexagon Bathroom Tile

slo_gardenOctober 27, 2010

Does anyone know of a company other than B&W that makes 4" (or 3") hexagon bathroom tiles in colors other than white or black? My late 1920s green Art Deco bathroom needs serious work including a re-tile job, and I'd like to recreate the same look as it has now. Everyone seems to have only the small hex tiles.

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Is Italy the tile center of the world?
If so, we need an Italian resident to chime in...

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A quick browse seems to show this company having 3" hexes...might check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hex Tiles

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Ann Sacks has a 4" hex in her Caliper collection in Ceramic Basics. It appears to come in about 125 colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ann Sack Caliper Hex

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Thanks for the sources. I actually had seen both of those companies, but they are a little (gasp, choke) expensive. Believe it or not I did Google and have visited several tile stores before asking ;) I guess I should have clarified that I has looking for something more economical. It appears that B&W is the only company that makes colored 4" hexagon tiles that don't cost a small fortune. (The Ann Sack ones are gorgeous!).

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How many square feet is your bath? The Ann Sacks is expensive but it is actually one of their "budget" tiles at around $12 a square foot. A large 10x10 bath (mine is 5X7) would run $1200 for the tile. At least in my location, the incremental difference between that and white Daltile would not be a lot compared to the labor costs of installing it.

Don't get me wrong, I have happily used the white Daltile a number of times because of budget (including my own bath) but the difference between $350 for 100 sq ft and $1200 --$900 could be absorbed or offset somewhere else if the look of the bath is really important.

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Interesting. The only Ann Sacks tile that I saw (in my local tile store) in large, colored hexagon was $20 a square foot! They told me that was all that was offered in what I was looking for. It was stunningly beautiful, but B&W is about half that price. Daltile was cheaper still, but they only make a 1" hexagon. I'll double check with the company's website to see if I'm missing something. Thanks!

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