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maddiemom6November 26, 2008

Well I am back in the saddle again and making some progress on getting things cleaned out and finding and labeling homes for all of our stuff. Today was a good day.. my husband and son built me 12 dividers for my pantry based on how I shop. My pantry is a free standing vintage style jelly cupboard and it does a good job of holding quite a bit of stuff but it was getting hard to find what I had. The dividers are wonderful. I have included a photo of the pantry with the dividers but before

I have painted and papered it.. that is for this weekend!


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Very clever!

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Great idea! I have a pantry closet with three big dosorganized shelves. I will look for dividers. Where did you get yours?

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My son made them for me. I looked and looked for some like it.. and while you can buy wooden shelf supports they were not deep enough for my liking so I asked my son to make some.. he makes them to dimension... it's quite a luxury :) He is 10 years old and loves woodworking.. he has already taken a few orders from my friends to make some..he is very proud.


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Your son made them-that's fantastic! And he can make and sell them-that's even better. You have a great kid!

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maddiemom6 , that's very nice! You are a lucky mom :)

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Thanks!.. I know I am lucky.. we are all quite handy but it's so fun to see the kids learning so much. My 10 year old who makes the dividers is a real Rennisance kid.. he knits and does wood work, loves to cook and knows how to sew. He makes his own pj's and even laid the wood floor in his own craftroom. Got to love a kid who is always up for a run to the fabric store :)


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Cool! I knit , was taught by my Grandmother years ago. I did a little research on knitting. It was originally a trade limited to men. Women then "took over" in the last couple of centuries and made it more of a craft or pasttime, not a job.

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Maddiemom6, Welcome back! Am I confused, or did you get your kitchen completely done? You always have such good, creative ideas. I'm sure we can't wait to see the completely finished product!

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Hi Claire, I wish I could say I was done and we are very close but the devil is in the details hu?? Got the floor painted last year ( very nice vintage blue).. got all up about 3 feet of wallpaper up ( ran out of paper still searching for some (ugh!).. my *new* dishwasher already died but got a bosh with a 30 minute load I love. Did you ever see the military boxes after I got done with them?

Here they are.. old photo with floors not painted and center island not in yet.

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Maddiemom6, your bosch will do a load of dishes in 30 minutes?

What model?

My MIL got a new dishwasher, and she loves the *racks* (so do I), but it takes 90 minutes to do a load, and it makes her CRAZY!

I thought of suggesting a different model to FIL, for him to buy for her.

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Quick wash cycle which gets them very clean and my kids are not good about scraping!.. I do run the hot water to get it *up* to the DW so it does not take the extra 7 minutes to heat the water.. I just got it at Lowes, and tomorrow morning I will get out of bed and go downstairs to see which model number it is.. it was about $600. WAY less than we paid for the super fancy LG which also took 1.5 hours to do a load and 70 minutes for a quick wash!


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About shelf dividers...I have used shelf brackets, which you install upside down, so that their orientation is the same as what you see in Maddiemom6's photos. For a couple of open shelves, I bought really wonderful antiqued metal ones at Anthropologie, and for storage, I've used ones from the home center. Cheap, simple, and effective.
Here's a link to the decorative ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brackets from Anthropologie

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You did a fabulous job on your ''filing'' cabinet cabinets. Love your kitchen; it's a happy room. Congratulations on what you have accomplished so far!

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Thanks for all the kind words... almost forgot to get the Bosh model number.. SHE45


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Those shelf dividers are beautiful!

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