old pedestal bathroom sink

laurielou177October 10, 2011

Hoping to install a 1935 cast iron pedestal bathroom sink that I picked up at a garage sale 10 years ago hoping I'd be able to use it someday.Cleaned it up, scraped some rust from underside of sink, used rustoleum to cover rust areas underneath. Anyone have much luck hooking up an old sink? People at bathroom supply place weren't really encouraging, but thought we should buy a new copy of the sink we have - from them of course. Person working on our kitchen who has some plumbing experience says it's probably ok, though we may need to purchase a new drain. Hate to invest much in it, and don't mind the small rust stain at drain. Anyway, again, anyone successful w/hooking up an old sink? Or, should I just be starting w/new?

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I haven't had any problems with old sinks--found my kitchen double-sink next to a dumpster--when I got it, I added new drains and faucet with no problems. Plumbing connections were compatible with modern standards.

I installed a '20s sink in my bath when I moved in to replace the one there, and also had no problems with parts connecting to the original faucets. For both projects, I used flexible lines to connect to the old copper piping, since I tried soldering before and had no talent for getting it right.

There is a picture of the new kitchen faucet put in several weeks ago on my 'House Pics At Last' thread.

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Try Renovators Supply for variable spacing faucets.

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I'd stay away from Renovator's Supply--I've had problems with everything I bought from them--usually bad workmanship.

My old kitchen faucet was from them--within a couple years it started leaking around the spout, and the 'tarnish free' brass finish developed pitting and corrosion.

Some glass repro shades I got for some electric fixtures were unusable because the rims going into the fixture were so thin that they broke when I tightened down the screws even barely hand tight.

By and large, there are better places out there to get the same stuff, you just have to look harder.

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In our previous home, a 1916 A/C house, we took an old Kohler pedestal sink and used it in the powder room. Had it refinished by Perma Glaze. 10 years later it was still in great condition. There was no issue with the plumbing and we used a Delta widespread faucet that looked great.


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