need hamper solution.. please help..

roorezziNovember 5, 2006

I need some sort of hamper solution for my bedroom. I would like something that has some separation, and also look nice. I am the only one that does wash and it is in my basement (hopefully moving it upstairs next year.) Since I work full time, I don't get to do laundry as much as I would like. So I need some solution that will hold a decent amount of clothes.

I wish there was room in the closet, but theres just no room.

I was hoping other people have hampres out int he open and would have some suggestions.

Thanks in Advance!

Ruth :-)

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HereÂs a white wooden double hamper, 35 inches wide, thatÂs particularly nice, because it tilts out, which means you can use it as a nightstand or console table, etc.

ThereÂs a slightly narrower double, a triple, and a quadruple.

IÂve used this company Â times (in fact, I have a cabinet thatÂs also "Hampton Bay," and its quality is fine. ItÂs assemble-yourself, but itÂs strong enough, and attractive)

In fact, if you DO decide to order from that company, e-mail me, and IÂll give you my 15% off code that they just sent me (IÂm not going to use it)

Home Decorators also has other tilt-out hampers (one w/ a drawer), and other plain, lift-the-lid hampers.

HereÂs a really furniture-looking styleÂcarving, curved legs, cherry wood look.

They have a Craftsman-style one, as well. Do a search on "hamper," and see what you find.

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I have purchased those from home decorators and they work well, they are a devil to put together however.

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For years I used an end of the bed bench that opened on the top for our hamper. It would be easy enough to divide the middle but I never bothered..


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