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susie53_gwNovember 30, 2007

Years ago I knew a lady and she was so organized.. She had 3 kids and each of them had a different colored clothes basket. Each night before bed the kids got their baskets out of their rooms and picked up anything that belonged to them and put it away. One night we went over for supper and before we sat down she had every pot and pan that she used washed and back in the cabinet where it belonged. This one I never could get to work at my house.. Her house was always neat and looked great..

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To the point of clothes DH's closet, I have baskets to help sort his clothes as he undresses. When he is ready to do his laundry, things are already sorted and he can just take the hamper to the laundry room. The training has taken awhile and he is challenged sometimes when something is real light colored, but the process seems to be working as it's been a long time since he has had pink underwear. Dry Cleaning
Socks (dress socks)

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What a great idea. My 2 daughters do their own laundry, in My machine. They jam everything in together,blue jeans,frilly blouses,good wool sweaters. I tell them to sort lights and darks, and hand wash those sweaters,but they don't listen. They are wasting their money buying beautiful clothes and then destroying them in the washer.

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Mustangs, if I ever write an organizing book, I want to come to your house to take pictures.

I love your sorting hamper set-up--I bet it was WAY cheaper than the ones you can buy w/ 3 compartments.

Did you get the stick-on vinyl letters at Staples, or Home Depot, or somewhere else us folks could find them?

My DH does the laundry, and to keep him from drying clothes that for one reason or another shouldn't be (bras, or clothes w/ stains I think might not come out), I put those items in net bags. He never puts a net bag through the dryer.

I have a cubby where I keep the bags, and I just grab one when I need it. I have a ton of them, so I never have to worry about running out.

My DD is now wearing bras, and Dad cannot remember to take them out and not dry them; I'm trying to get her t use the net bags, too. In her case, I put a diaper pin through the cloth of her hanging hamper, and then threaded the point through the hole in the zipper tab. She's supposed to put the bras in the bag, and when Dad goes to do laundry, he unthreads the zipper tab, zips the bag closed, and tosses it in the laundry.

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I have my dds use those net bags too. I have them put new clothes in them so I know what has never been washed before. Then they can just throw those in with the other laundry.

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TS, I am really flattered since many here, including me, follow your lead when it comes to organizing! Thank you.

To your question, for things that need larger labels that the P-Touch can produce, I always have 1" to 2" stick on letters on hand from Staples.

I have the mesh bag system in my closet too. I also keep spray-on stain remover in my closet so I can treat spots when I take clothes off and before I put them in my hamper.

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