Duck window winterize kit

edcantu9October 21, 2012

Hello all. I have been posting in the lawn section after buying a home. Now that it is winter I am headed inside the house to improve the house we purchased.

I am wanting to winterize the windows and wanted to use the duck window kit. But our windows do now have trim and they our walls are plaster. I read the box and it looks like it doesnt stick to plaster walls, the double sided tape.

Anyone have any alternative or any ideas how I can winterize my home using the kit or not?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you all in advance.


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I'm not familiar with that brand, but if it is like other films which use double-sided tape, then I don't think you want it on the plaster anyway--I have had remarkably little luck getting the tape to stick to my wood trim, let alone anything else except itself.

What I would suggest is making a frame to fit inside the window, and use the film from the kit on that, then insert the interior storm into the opening.

The link below says to use ripped-down 1x4s, but I don't see why you can't use 1x2s, which are readily available...just adjust the length of the shorter pieces accordingly.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY Interior Storms

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Could you post a photo of one of the windows? What are the window frames made of - metal, wood, vinyl? It's hard to imagine having plaster walls and no window framing.

If there are drapery rods above your windows, it might be easier to buy inexpensive thermal drapes.

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