Barker kitchen cabinets from Oregon

AlyceminaFebruary 11, 2013

I happened to run across Barker cabinets while looking on the web and they looked like nice frameless RTA's. I also happened to be visiting my sister in Oregon in a week or so. So we went to the showroom near Portland. WOW. We got a factory tour from Mr. Barker senior (Chad's father) and a full look at all of the styles, shipping containers and construction. The quality of these cabinets is impressive. They are at the top of my buy list for later this year, over DeWils, Holiday and Decora from non big box dealers. The cost is very attractive - probably half of quotes I've gotten from the other above that are pre assembled. You can order a mini full cabinet too to see for yourself. check them out, I was pleasantly surprised! Since they are new to the web (3 years) but long a custom maker on the west coast I wanted to share my impressions from an east coast perspective.

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They are frequently suggested for RTA types or those looking for doors for their IKEA cabinets on this forum.

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I am "all in" with Barker. I love my cabinets so far. And I can't imagine they won't be better once they have doors and drawer fronts installed!

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Our friend redid his kitchen with Barker drawers and loves them.

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Epiarch Designs

i just ordered a couple sample doors for our ikea boxes. I would guess they arrive in a couple weeks. I will see how they are then. They appear to be very nice doors, especially for the price.

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Thanks everyone for posting. After reading this thread and doing some research, I am now going to download software and price out Barker cabinets. Funnily enough, when I replaced 67 windows (with Marvins) and 3 doors in late 2011 - I painted the new trim Dover white. I am taking that as a sign. Has anyone done the painted and mixed with unfinished - then syained on site? Clear coat and painted? I wanted two toned cabinets.

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Does anyone have any experience using ikea boxes with barker drawers and doors? I am thinking of using boxes from ikea and getting all the drawers with the blumotion hardware and ikea door hinges. I took a trip to ikea to this weekend and took some measurements and it seems I should be able to get barker doors that are sized right for the ikea boxes. I should also be to size barker drawers for the ikea boxes with barker drawer panels. It seems real straight forward. Just curious if anyone has done this.

As a FYI, the ikea door hinge placement is an exact match with barkers 3" door hinge drill out, and the drawers since baker will cut to width to an exact match doesn't really matter.

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