a small project--redoing the kitchen-wall phone list

talley_sue_nycNovember 25, 2012

I've spent the last 5 days being incredibly productive. Getting ready for Thanksgiving, finishing the mending/alterations/etc. Reorganizing *some* of the sewing stuff.

So today I was supposed to do some more alterations, etc. And I just rebelled.

But I couldn't not do ANYthing. So here's what I did:

Our main phone is in the kitchen. We've been putting phone numbers inside the cabinet door. I keep saying I'm going to make that look better.

Here's what it was like:

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I took them all down and retyped them in Word. Formatted it into 2 columns, saved it for updating later, and taped it up.

I wanted it lower, so I trimmed the bottom (a little too close--oops!) and left the sides so we can write on new numbers. And then periodically. I'll update!

Total time: 5 minutes. Well, 7, because I went looking for the paper trimmer.

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(if you edit a post, you have to re-attach the picture; it doesn't remember)

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Very nice!

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I like it! You are making great progress, Talleysue!

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