364 less things

talley_sue_nycNovember 12, 2010

A cool blog about getting rid of one thing each day!

It reminded me of the comment on Toss Ten about how we'd all have 3650 fewer things at the end of the year.

Here is a link that might be useful: 365LessThings.com

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This is a great blog! I tossed about 2,000 in 3 weeks. Now I'm trying to Toss 10 every day as a follow up. I've made lots of trips to the thrift store to drop off boxes and bags! My house is amazing - my middle son keeps going on and on about how big our house is. Same house, just 2/3 less stuff so there is so much room!

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I thought of this today while getting clothes out of the dryer. I've lost 50 lbs since February but still wear many of the same clothes. My dad said the shirt I had on yesterday looked like a maternity top because it's so big! When it came out of the dryer today I decided it would be my "one thing today" and folded it, then put it in the give-away bag.

I think it's time I go shopping. I've been holding off until I lose another 15 lbs - but seriously, if my dad says my clothes look like maternity clothes, it's time to treat myself to a few new things!

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