Trampoline Storage?

BritttaNovember 17, 2004

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but those of you who have trampolines with the enclosures, where do you store them in the winter? We don't really want to disassemble it, but we don't know how the springs and black mesh would hold up to our sometimes below zero temps.

Any suggestions? I did a search of this site, but found no matches to my inquirey.


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Britta, I don't have a trampoline, so I can't be much personal help.

But in my small hometown, years and years ago, there was a family that had one. They took the mesh off, and left the frame outside all winter. I don't remember about the springs, in all honesty.

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Thanks... that's probably what we're going to end up doing. Thought someone might have a blast of genious for me, though :) hehe

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We are also first-time trampoline owners but without the enclosure (just a lot of rules and vigilance).

We are planning to buy a cover for it (see link). I like TS' clever idea to just leave the frame too!

Here is a link that might be useful: trampoline cover

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We left ours out year-round even in Connecticut with no problems, but did not jump on it in weather below freezing due to it being brittle when cold. Was always fine when it warmed up, though.

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What about the manufacturers themselves.. could you ring their customer help number and ask them? They should know what conditions the materials can handle. Some of those people can be really helpful and informative.

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