Crazed interior woodwork

nan-nanOctober 18, 2012

Here is a picture of the dining room window trim. What do you suggest as a remedy?

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And another one

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At a guess, I'd say the finish is shellac, and I believe brushing on a new layer will even out the existing finish, re-dissolving it a bit. Your first picture looks a lot like some of my woodwork, while the second I think I have on a couple window sills.

I need to buy some shellac, but can't decide what shade. If you like the color of your wood, I'd opt for the lightest shade.

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Sand down the lumpiness. It is important that you used a sanding block, so just the raised parts are leveled down. You don't want to sand through to wood. Then recoat with shellac.Sandpaper grit should be 400. It's slow but rewarding. Here's an organ lid I did back in june:


No-strip repolishing process, patent pending ;)

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Clean it off with a mix of laquer thinner and denatured alcohol (50/50 mix) gently scrubbed with coarse steel wool, and wiped off with soft rags.

It will re-dissolve the crinkled bits and clean off all the old cigarette tars, grease and such.

Then evaluate the color and smoothness. It might or might not need staining and sanding. It will need a coat of something clear and protective, perhaps just more shellac.

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Casey- you sure have a way with wood :)

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