'If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.'

alisandeNovember 2, 2007

Focus. It's always been a big problem for me, and it manifests itself in more than one area. Writing, for instance. Instead of focusing on one or two projects and applying myself until they're done, I usually have a bunch of things going at once. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it's counterproductive.

Lack of focus in the house shows up all over the place, from failure to focus on a specific area and keep at it till it's done, to the high level of distractibility I exhibit most of the time unless I make the effort to stop it. And then there's all the things I find interesting, and want to do. Sometimes they're a nice enough idea, but not when I already have too much to do. And not when the activity requires buying more stuff.

Some years ago I learned to breathe properly at a holistic health center. It was suggested that we do a body scan periodically through the day to ensure that no muscle groups were tight, and breath was moving as it should. I was thinking that some of us (like me!) would do well to do a scan of another type once in a while to evaluate our focus, boundaries, and whatever other terms you might use to define the qualities that go into keeping ourselves on the organizational track.

I keep a running To Do list on my computer. Comparing the list of things I should do to what I've actually been doing recently gives me a good idea of how close (or shockingly far away) I am to the track.


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I shoud put that saying on my wall at work!

And at home.

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To re-focus my energy to one task I will tell myself: "Complete the task" over and over again --- so I don't wander off and begin something else .......seems to really work for me!

Love that saying! Of course -- im my case -- it would refer to chasing cats ........ LOL! Four cats live here! :)

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OMG! I think we're clones. And I've had the breathing and biofeedback training too. For accomplishing things in the real world, though, nothing helps me like minute to minute saying "focus", "stay on track", "finish this first", "one thing at a time", etc.

And I love the 2 rabbits saying!

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I can empathize. I have been doing a lot of reading on the Internet and checking out books from the library on ADD in adult women. I can check off all twenty items on the check-off list.

ADD was always thought to be a problem that plagued little boys, but due to socialization and cultural expectations of little girls, it went undiagnosed in them. ADD maifests itself differntly in females.

I have recently resumed Yoga. It is not the toal solution though.

I have found some solace in knowing that I am not alone in my inability to focus and prioritize. Doing lots of reading on ADD in women has helped me to see things differently and identify my problem areas, and the books sometimes offer solutions to common everyday obstacles to organization and task completion.

Here is a link that might be useful: ADD in adult women

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