cold wet october ..warm dry Nove..crossing things off to do list

ronbreNovember 13, 2009

well our awful awful October meant that we got behind on our yardwork..but the warmer weather means now in November we are finally getting a few of those last minute things crossed off of our to do list..

if you don't keep a to do list. I find it is highly motivational to have a spiral binder with my to do list in it..i keep it organized into do right away, do before winter, do during winter, do first thing in spring, do when you can afford it, do when you have time..

i have lists of quick to do things..when i'm bored.

i cross things off when they are a lot of satisfaction.

today i spread the last bale of mulch, repaired the picket fence, and got a lot of raking finished up.

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Today was my last hurrah for leaves, they are all finally down and the remnants of Ida are headed this way tomorrow morning. I'm exhausted, I ache, and I wish I had a hot tub. Clean sheets are on the bed, and after a hot shower I'm climbing in!

I like the idea of your to-do lists. Marking something off as done has always given me satisfaction and confirms that I'm not just spinning my wheels.


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