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annecNovember 6, 2007

I bought two rev-a-shelf ($80 each) slideout baskets online and they came with 2" thick mounting rails, way too big for my standard American cupboards. There was no indication of this in the ad. I called the distributor, and they returned my call promptly and were very courteous, but their solution was to "just cut the rails down." They're made of very thick birch and I couldn't make a dent with a hand saw..."don't you have a power saw?" I don't have a power saw, I'm not going to buy a power saw to make their product fit, and their solution was to "find a neighbor with a power saw." If I'd known I'd have to hire a carpenter I wouldn't have bought these. My solution was to return them and buy something I can use. Be careful what you buy online; I think these are European or something. Any comments?

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European? Hardly so... from Jeffersontown, KY with five manufacturing facilities in Kentucky,Tennessee,and Monterey,Mexico.


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I was pretty happy w/ the Rev-a-Shelf stuff I bought. Not slide-out baskets, but a trash pullout and tray dividers.

I wouldn't have wanted to cut down the rails, either, but I'm betting those rails are perfectly fine in somebody's cupboards somewhere; just not yours. The only way to make them work for you would be to have them cut down--and the company isn't set up to cut them for you. All their suggestions seem like reasonable solutions if you really wanted to use the product.

Since those weren't an option for you, then returning the product probably was the best bet in YOUR situation.

Rev-a-Shelf's primary customer is a cabinetmaker or installer--who has his own power saw and is expecting to deal with any installation issues.

A relatively handy homeowner can certainly use the Rev-a-Shelf stuff--it doesn't require great expertise. Just, access to a power drill at a minimum.

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I think I'm relatively handy. I just built a closet, for instance, with a hand saw and a power drill and a hammer.

This was a consumer web site.

My cabinets are standard sizes. However, I guess I could trash them and replace them with Mills Pride so these shelves fit.

How did you know the company wasn't set up to cut them for me? Do you work there?

I didn't "really want" to use this product. I really wanted something reasonable that could be installed without a Skill saw.

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Could you link which ones your purchased? or the part numbers for them. If we see what kind you are looking for, maybe we can help you find some others that might fit. Are you cabinets framed? and what is the width of the opening of the cabinet you want to put them in?
Some accessories that go into cabinets are made to be trimmable on site, so that they can make one size.. but I agree, they should have been clearer about it on the specs. Although there are standard (3" increment) cabinet sizes, many people put these in custom new cabinets, or retro fit them into site built older cabinets.
I know of a few other companies that make these sorts of things - so hopefully, we can help find something that *will* work.

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Ofealia, thank you for offering to help. How refreshing!

I got them from, where I got a great medicine cabinet.

My kitchen cabinet is framed, 15" with a 12" opening. The inside is 13 1/2" wide. The ad didn't specify they were for frameless/European cabinets. I'll probably go with some wire baskets with tracks from my local HI store, although I was looking for something a little different.

I think maybe these are either manufactured like Saturns are "manufactured" here or imported. They were nice enough but overpriced. Seriously, if I have to apply woodworking skills I'm not paying $80 up front.

Thanks for your help. I'll listen to any suggestions you have on other products.

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talley_sue_nyc would have nice looking wooden pullouts, complete w/ instructions on how to install in framed cabinetry--in custom sizes, so you'll know they fit. and pretty good instructions on how to measure, and how to install

you could getpretty much any height you'd want

(also, it's only recently that Rev-a-Shelf has sold directly to consumers; the site you bought them from is a retailer; it would be really, really odd if they had a power saw to deal w/ cutting them to fit your space)

I understand you wouldn't want to have to do lots of extra work on them, but I also think it's unrealistic to expect the retail source to modify them.

Were yours wicker? the 4WB-15 version? They're 11.25" wide, so I can see that you'd have expected them to fit. And the technical specs don't say or show anything about the rails themselves. However, the pics clearly show them in a framed cabinet, w/ the rails tucked behind the cabinet frame.

If you really, really wanted those Rev-a-Shelf wicker baskets, has rattan ones from Rev-a-Shelf that are 12-5/8" wide, and since that company also makes their own pullouts, I bet they HAVE a saw, and the tone of their website makes me think they'd consult w/ you on installation, etc., and maybe even cut down the rails for you. The pic looks like they're installed in a framed cabinet.

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I didn't ask the company to modify them for me. I asked them for another rail. I'm looking at the Rev-a-shelf pamphlet now. It says I can get 2" or 1-1/8" rails. Apparently, that's not accurate information.

If the picture showed them in a framed cabinet, then I suppose that's why I thought they would work.

If I HAD a power saw I'd be making my own stuff, ya think?

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Here's a link to the PDF instructions from Rev-a-Shelf's website -
Clear as mud, right? :)

Try these from Hafele:
It looks like they're made for a 15" framed cabinet without trimming the runners.

And, it's not just you, Rev-a-shelf has always been a bear to work with!

I'll keep looking - but I think the Hafele ones are perfect. Good luck!

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Thank you, Ofealia. I checked out the Hafele site.

The Hafele pullout looks just like the Rev-a-shelf, only with a choice of runner widths, sold separately, and no plastic basket insert. They've also got some interesting corner cabinet pullouts...

The moral is: if anything isn't specified, assume the worst! Thanks again.

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