Onward and Upward; MBR Moodboard

mtnrdredux_gwFebruary 18, 2014

Below is my moodboard and layout. Layout is fixed, and so are:
the metal canopy bed,
mandala aqua rugs,
tub (painted to match the rugs, 50%),
light fixtures,
wicker trunk
sinks (there are two matching sinks flanking the tub).

I still need input on WT, bedding, night stands and accessories.

I am trying to decide on:
1. Fabric to skirt the sinks; the Aviary blue and white pattern in the bottom right matches the rug color 100%
2. Bamboo blinds for the tubs where the windows are? Desirable for privacy. Do I use fabric, too?
3. I like the RH silk striped panels, is a formal note like that interesting, or just "off"? They would flank the french doors.
4. I am planning on white bedding and white canopy, with a colorful kantha throw and bright pillows.


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Like blinds idea but can you get them in a more "driftwood" than "honey" ? More like the trunk. Is it for extra towels?

Hope you are using the aqua faux bamboo nightstands they are fabulous!

Would order RH panels and try them. If they don't look great, why not more white fluttery panels similar to those on bed? Think recent Great Gatsby movie, supper outside, all those white curtains in the breeze...

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Hi KS,

The honey matches the floors, though, and I think the orangey tone is nice w the aqua? The trunk goes at the foot of the bed and is for IDK!

The only reason I was thinking of patterned panels is that the walls will be white so I thought it might be nice.

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Love, love, love everything you are doing.

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Oh how I would love to have my tubby in a room without a toilet! It's like the separation of church and state.

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Annie Deighnaugh

So far so good!

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Question --- so if you are looking at the tub ... I am proposing the sinks are skirted (wall hung) with the aviary fabric in the LRH corner. T

The double windows over the tub have bamboo blinds.
Do I use any of the aviary aqua fabric on the double windows as well?And It's okay to use that fabric in the tub area, and different WT on the fr doors in the BR area?

The fabric:

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Patricia, Annie, thank you!

Jamies, LOL that's funny. I had too many bathrooms where you stared at a toilet whilst you lounged in the tub. Whenever possible, I say banish the thing! A lot of people thought it was too far to walk to the toilet that way, but it's ok w me!

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Lovely! What's the source for those puuurty nightstands? We are definitely going for the same look in our coastal homes. My heart melts for light turquoise and has for years. Pitter patter every time.

Yes to the bamboo blinds. I use a very lightweight white cotton sheer with mine in a different home, and I love the look. I will probably do something similar in the master bath of our new home. I'd personally continue that look for your french doors ... cotton linen rather than silk.

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Hi Jujubean,
Turquoise is so darn trendy but I think it is "allowed" in certain cases! The nightstands are from Layla Grace.

Maybe I need to find a cotton stripe for the Fr doors? I just think the plain white will be lost on the white walls ...

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Love the aviary fabric! I would not use it on the double windows above the tub, though. That would match far too much, and would, IMO, detract from its lovely touch as sink skirts.

The only concern is whether the skirts, painted tub and rug would result in too much color at ground level. If that's the case, I might recommend a complementary fabric for the double windows that you could perhaps match to the French door fabric. But I would probably leave fabric off the double windows because the sink skirts are just enough. OTOH, if you really want fabric on the windows, I would forego the sink skirts and use the aviary fabric on the windows only.

I think the color scheme flows well from room to room--I would, at this point, prevent it from turning the corner toward matchy-matchy so you don't detract from the individual elements.

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Are you doing a door or curtain or nothing for the shower?
Are both bathroom floors going to be tiled, or only the toilet/shower area?

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Havent decided on the shower yet ... I'd love to try a curtain, so tired of doors.

The floor in the tub room is hardwood, like the BR, and stays.

In the shower bathroom, if you will, it'll be tile. Tiny white mosaic running bond

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Everything looks beautiful so far! The aviary fabric as sink skirts seems perfect for this space in this home. I also like the idea of the bamboo blinds - perhaps as someone suggested with a light white sheer. I just love the way the colors flow through this house - and you're using my favorite soothing, seashore colors. It's all coming together nicely, just the right distance from perfection; there's elegance, comfort, and joie de vivre.

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Thanks, Zen! How nice of you.

I don't think the windows over the tub should have only bamboo. IN fact, if it isn't too odd, id like bamboo on the lower half only, and maybe a roman shade above? Or is roman too severe so close to the skirted sinks, which will have some gathering? The roman shade could match the WT for the French doors to the deck; maybe a linen aqua and ivory stripe, instead of Satin?

Not my windows, and I would hang the roman shade higher to let in more light, but ...

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I can see the bottom up shades to give you privacy and yet let in light, but I'm not sure what you gain from the Roman shades. You will have softness in the room with the rug and sink skirts. The combination of the blinds and shades looks ungepotchked to me.

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Hmm, you dont think the windows will look odd w just shades on the bottom half???

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I'm assuming that the bamboo shades would be pulled up all the way, when necessary. Or you can have every possible combination, with top down, bottom up. Here's an example of a top-down, bottom up Roman shade:

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Thanks, mtn.

Shades on the bottom half only look nice. I wouldn't mix two different shade types (wood and fabric plus a panel) on the window; it would be too busy IMO. Here's an example of two shades of the same type on a window, but from it you can kind of visualize how one shade on the bottom half only would look.

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Annie Deighnaugh

The one piece of the board that is my least favorite is the bamboo...it's too tropical and unrefined for the beautiful fabrics you've selected. I love the look of relaxed romans instead and love the sheers as they are just so summery and breezy.

Traditional Bathroom by San Francisco Photographers Ed Ritger Photography

Or if you want side panels, then put the roman sheers underneath. I think it would be lovely. Or I like this treatment too...the print as the romans under the solid panels...a bit unexpected....

Traditional Living Room by Washington Interior Designers & Decorators Sroka Design, Inc.

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Hmm, I am going to have to find a way to mock up the elevation of the tub wall. I don't think there is really enough room for panels, not to mention they'd hang right next to the skirt sink...

Oh and sorry about the bamboo, but I love tortoise shell bamboo blinds, but I never have had a good place for them. I think they work well at the beach, and the color goes well with the hardwood floors.

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I can live here plz?

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Okay, here we go. This is an approximation of the elevation for the tub wall. My ceilings are not as high, and there is a little more room on either side of the sink/tub/sink run then in this photo.

Functionally I would like to have Bamboo blinds. But I think the window should also have fabric, but they can't really be panels. The sinks will be skirted; I'm not anti exposed plumbing, but I've BTDT and don't want it here.


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mtn, I love the whole shebang! I really like the tortoiseshell blind. It looks solid enough to ensure privacy, but that's something that I'd want to double check before ordering.

The aviary fabric is lovely. it occurs to me that it might be interesting to mock it up with the skirts constructed with broad (as in several inches wide each) stitched box pleats to highlight the motif of the fabric. It might be a dumb idea but just thought I'd mention it since it would show the pattern nicely.

I would not use the aviary fabric on the windows. I would probably just go with the bamboo, but if you also feel the need for fabric there I'd use white or white with a very faint and thin occasional stripe or something equally simple.

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If you try the bamboo only, would it be a problem to do fabric later if you choose? I love the bamboo alone and it's such a great element of surprise and "difference."

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Annie Deighnaugh

Nice mock up...will you be adding the mountain outside the window too, dear Mountain Road?

I know you said you've got similar color in the floor, but my concern looking at the mock up is, will you be adding that tortoise shell color elsewhere too? If I'm adding a strong color element to a room, my preference is for it to appear multiple times. In your mock up, e.g., it is in the picture frames a bit, so if you have plans to bring it elsewhere, it will work. Maybe think about the ceiling color...

Now I'm just thinking outside the box (or talking out of my ....) but if you want the tortoise shell just on the bottom, what about having it framed up in a custom made frame of matching wood color...very slender wood, not at all like plantation shutters but just enough to hold to be a frame for the bamboo, and turn the bamboo vertically so the slats run up and down. These frames can then be hinged like shutters. Most likely they'll be closed most of the time, but can be opened for daytime. I guess where I'm going is for some way for you to get the tortoise shell you want, the functionality of covering the lower window you want, yet something a little more finished looking than the standard blind, especially given where you want it mounted.

I of course can't find a pic of what I'm thinking but maybe this will give you the idea...this one on the diagonal which is also interesting.

That would then leave the upper half of the window free for whatever type of valance treatment you might want, be it softer and more flowing or stiffer and more formal...

I don't think I'd like the striped fabric for the topper as it would be too much stripe on stripe for me with the bamboo...

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I love the aviary fabric as sink skirts. I also want to say I am nixing my vote on no rental, you could have your home endlessly filled on this forum.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I just flipped through the window treatment ideas for a refresher and you might want to skim it for topper ideas. I saw the window treatment with the antique glass door knobs instead of a rod which would be cool with the direction you're going in.

Or, like you, I've always wanted a certain window treatment and never had a place to put it...for me it's the fan with the center pull up. I've seen them both soft and feminie or more tailored and structured with formal pleats.

Here is a link that might be useful: window treatment ideas

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Oh, I was confused. I thought your question #3 above regarding RH striped panels was about bath, not the bedroom. I get it now. Two window treatments will work together in the bath. I like what you've posted. I would definitely use a solid white cotton on the top of the window as opposed to aviary fabric.

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Lazydaisynot, Thank you! As for the blinds, those are just cut and paste. I selected blinds IRL but just took what i could find in an appropriate photo online.
I get your point about choosing a sink skirt style to show the print - I agree. Will have to play around with it to decide if box pleat per se is too formal. I do agree to go with white above. I ordered some samples of striped linen for the BR french doors to the deck,

Patricia, I have always loved bamboo blinds. To me they are classic and work almost anywhere. I particularly like them layered under panels. I think it would look great in my LR but I'm too cheap!

Thanks, Juju, I do like the actual WT that I cut and pasted in my Moodboard, will try to copy it.

Eandhl, LOL thx. But how could I possibly charge all of the nice GW people who are so helpful!

Annie, you have me pegged --- I love the antique glass door knobs for tiebacks. I used them in our Itty Bitty Stonehouse.

As for the shutters, I don't think I have room. As for repeating the color, the floors will be pretty prominent; it's only a 4x6 rug in the bath area so you'll see a lot of the wood. The room is below, tub will be on the left. I will also have a chest of drawers under the window you see straight ahead.

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Your bathroom with tortoiseshell blind and valence

If the yellow wall is an artifact of the light, and the wall is actually more white, the blinds and valence might look more like this:

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I love the bamboo tortoise as well. I think it is an element of surprise and ahhhhhh.... but should you decide you want to soften the windows....I am sure you could add some very delicate white sheer pretties.

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Thanks Suero, the original room is actually yellow ... but we are painting the whole house white.

DH got me Photoshop for Christmas but I still haven't installed it. I am worried I will never logoff again...

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Mtn, love your latest mock-up with the tub and sinks. If you're still undecided about the WT, you could add just a touch of the palest aqua in trim on the white roman shade. Maybe a grosgrain or sheer ribbon trim where the pull rings would be. That seems to be the only spot that begs for a touch of that color. Love the bamboo shade, btw, especially with the sheer white treatment above it.

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Well Mtn, don't charge us, we will fill it up. Then you aren't really renting. :)

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You can do amazing things with Photoshop, but the learning curve is steep. My DH likes Scott Kelby's books and courses. I haven't mastered Photoshop; I use much less powerful software, which I find is good enough for me to get the general idea.
My real sickness, though, is making 3-D scale models of the rooms and furniture. At a scale of 96 pixels to the inch, I made a working model of a rocking chair.

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Thanks, Outside, so do I. I'm glad I did it, it really helps!

Eandhl, yeah but I still owe everyone afternoon tea at the Itty Bitty Stonehouse. Maybe in the spring!

Oh no, Suero! I can see myself falling down that rat-hole! I did use Sketch up for the stonehouse, because I really had to see elevations and 3D. I was up till like 4 am the first time I used it. The thing where you bring in elements, like say a window, and have to orient it in space so it falls on the right surface at the right angle, drove me batty till i got the hang of it!

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