Country Victorian ?

lavender_lassOctober 13, 2009

Does anyone have any good pics or book recommendations for country Victorian? I read somewhere that while classic Victorian architecture has all the great details we associate with Victorian homes, there was a scaled down version used in vacation homes and cottages.

Victorian style is very beautiful, but a bit fancy for my farm situation. Hopefully, country Victorian might give me some ideas that would work in my dining room or bedroom. Any suggestions?

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That was a time in America when only the wealthy build second homes in the country. They were called "cottages" but were huge elaborate country estates. Most of these homes were later known as the "Shingle Style". Perhaps you are thinking of "Folk Victorian" homes in the late 19th and early 20th century that have simple shapes and often no more than fancy porch trim and roof rake and eave brackets to link them to the Victorian era.

Are you designing a house or furnishing a room?

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You might check out these books. I don't own them, but they look like they might be useful to you.
The Farmhouse; Jean Rehkamp Larson
American Farmhouses; Leah Rosch & Keith Scott

Macv, is "folk victorian" the same as "carpenter gothic"? I've always loved the exterior of carpenter gothic houses; they make me think "victorian" but simpler and more homespun if you will. Maybe those are two terms to google, lavendarlass.

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Your question intrigued me and I found this blog that might interest you.
I notice that some of the suggestions are for a more simple look that might appeal to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Victorian decorating blog

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