Has it been a good year???? (Pic Heavy)

danvirsseOctober 23, 2011


Most of you folks probably don't know me. I've been mostly lurkng for several months now. My DH and I purchased a old house November 2010, and embarked on the resurrection process. The other people considering the property would have torn the house down. We've completely gutted, straighten the first and second floors, re-framed, installed new windows, rough wired, rough plumbed ... our selves... The masons restored the exterior brick, the plumber installed a new water service, and we almost have a new electrical service.

I'm tired ... and overwhelmed ... sorry for venting

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What a beauty, Danvirsse! Nice restoration work-gives me hope for our new old home that we've been working on for only 3 mos. now.
Doesn't it feel great to have all THAT behind you? You should be very proud of all the work you and your husband did yourselves!

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Thank you for NOT tearing that house down! It looks beautiful and most importantly will be nice to live in, now that you are nearing completion of the home.

Those of us who chose to restore and live in old homes are a bit crazy, but there is no home I'd rather live in than an old home, rich with history and charm.

Congratulations on the tough stuff, now on to the fun stuff- interior finishes and decorating!

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Thanks millymoo and oldhousegal. When I re-read my post this morning, I almost regreted writing it. After a good night's sleep and reviewing our accomplishments, it seemed silly to be whining. Still, so far it has been alot of work. Like you said, oldhousegal, there is something "special" about the feeling only an old house offers. Next summer, we'll remove the 5 !!!! layers of shingles on the roof, straighten the roof line and re-frame etc the 2nd floor. And best of all, install the new roof. I'll post occasionally, hopefully with a better frame of mind, to keep you updated. It is truly a labor of love and we are fortunate to be able to do it.

Thanks for the kind words of support when I so needed them.


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Danvirsse, we're right with you, in the midst of a whole house restoration. It's exhausting, but on the inside, we are finally seeing a light. Once we move in, there will still be a long, long list to do, and sometimes I juts hate this old house we bought, but in the end.. I know it will be worth every penny and all the long hours (just hope my injuries heal!)

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Tinker, I'll be thinking of you. I don't know what part of the country you're in, but winter will be setting in for us soon. Our version of winter will mean approx. 180" of snow and below freezing temps for at least 3 months. Fortunately, as soon as I get the gas company to turn on our gas service, we will have some heat in the structure. I'm looking forward to beginning some of the interior work.

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Label on box recently received from Advanced Repair Technology:

The Greenest Building Is The One That's Already Built

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