Toggle bolt installation of grab bar into plaster/lathe

TriciaOctober 3, 2009

How do I keep the toggle bolts from just twirling and not fastening tight?

I can find the first stud that I can put at least two screws in on the left side of the grab bar. Drilling the holes on the right side of the left hand mounting plate will tell me if I still have stud or if I have only plaster and lathe wall.

I don't know the distance between the studs, so if at the end of the 24 inch grab bar I don't have stud to screw in at least 2 screws can I use toggle bolts in at least 2 of the 4 screw holes in the mounting plate. Will this be sturdy enough for my 82 yr old Mother to use the grab bar?

I have also posted this question on the bathroom board.

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Typically studs are spaced 16" on center but that's a general rule that can change. It's hard to find studs behind tile as you're figured out. Assuming 16" OC you can angle the bar to hit both studs.

You can use toggle bolts and they'll probably be strong enough. You need to apply some back pressure as you tighten the screw. In the case of several in the same bracket, you need to apply some pressure and tighten each screw a little at a time.

They also make special holders for grab bars. Off hand I can't remember the name but their quite heavy duty and unfortunately rather expensive (although far less expensive than a fall and trip to the hospital).

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Pull back slightly on the screw while turning it with your fingers.

When the toggle starts to make contact with the plaster, use a screwdriver for the last few turns.

Make sure no one EVER grabs the bar and pulls (even for balance).

The toggle will pull through pretty easily.

A more solid installation is to open the plaster wall, put some 2x blocking in, then repair the plaster.

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