gouge, chips, gap in silestone countertop installation

threeberriesFebruary 8, 2013

Hi folks - My builder recently had my silestone countertop installed in the kitchen. Much to my dismay I noticed a few defects:

- Gouge / deep scratch about 2" long
- A few chips on the back side at the wall
- One piece of silestone has a gap of 1/4" at the wall. The piece of silestone next to it (with a seam) meets the wall, so their depth differs by 1/4".

A smaller corner piece has the gouge, a chip and the gap, so if that were replaced it would help a lot - can they cut out a piece along the seam and glue in a new one? I'm not sure what's possible. Not having been through this before, how much of a fight will it be to get the installers to replace it? Replacing the smaller piece still leaves a chip on the bigger slab but I'm not sure if that's a battle I'll win. The whole thing seems like shoddy work to me. My builder used a local granite countertop company.

Thanks for your help!

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Another photo

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Sorry, can't figure out how to post multiple photos at a time.

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I wouldn't accept any of that. Countertops are just too expensive to have to accept some of the problems that I've seen people ask about on this board, including yours. How you go about resolving it could be an issue. Who did you pay the money to for it? If it was the builder I'd call him. If it was the installer, I'd call them. Either way I think they should replace it all. A small gap might be a bit understandable (no more than 1/8th inch in my world), but those chips and scratches are just shoddy work.

What a bummer. Sorry you have to deal with this

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While it's not acceptable, your backsplash will cover all of it if those chips are as close to the edge as they look. The shot is a bit close up to judge. Get them to give you a bit of a discount and move on. That way you won't have to worry about it damaging the cabinets to remove it.

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My Silestone had a chip on the back corner next to the stove. The installers came back and filled it with epoxy and it looks fine. See if it can be repaired to your satisfaction before replacing it.

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I am a fabricator

Quartz slabs are often somewhat crappy along the outside edges. Fabricators deal with this by sawing the parts so that the crappy 1/2" or so of surface is to the wall and will be covered by backsplash. what you show in pics is acceptable as long as it will be covered by splash.

the depth difference of 1/4" at a seam however, is deplorable and simply a shoddy install. you should insist they reset the parts so the top surfaces are flush at the joint.

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Hi everyone - I mistakenly thought my post didn't go through as I didn't see it after submitting, so I never followed up (till I checked now on a whim). Thanks for your responses! I sent the photos to my builder, and the silestone installers came back and filled the gouge with something dark, and polished the scratches along the edge. It looks acceptable enough, and our backsplash will cover the yucky back edge (including that 1/4" gap, in theory). Although now we have a mysterious hard plasticky blob that appeared in the last week. Assuming that can be removed, the countertop is OK. Good to know that the back edge is sometimes crappy and anticipated to be covered.

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