junk mail: credit card solicitations

mustangs81November 9, 2005

To cut down on some of the paper coming into the house--here is a site to register with the credit reporting agencies for no more credit card offers by mail! Having worked for Equifax for 12 years and knowing how pre-approval solicitations work, I felt comfortable registering.

I have registered for the "National Do Not Call Registry" to help cut down on phone solicitations--it didn't help much as the vendors are ignoring the rules and if you complain you have to provide information that the callers won't divulge.

Here is a link that might be useful: Opt Out

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I wanted to sign up but I didn't because it asked for my SS number. It did say that the number would be encrypted but I still don't feel safe doing it.

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Marie, I understand your concern.

The website is managed by the same organizations who have your information already.

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We've have very good luck with the Do Not Call registry. It's made a huge difference in the number of calls we receive.

I wish I could sign up my 21 yo somewhere so he wouldn't get so many credit card offers. It's so tempting for him that I usually just throw them away before he ever gets to see them.


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My unemployed 17-year old is a high school senior living at home, she's been getting a lot of credit card offerings. I don't even show them to her. I rip and toss them. I learned to rip up all mail when I was employed by the federal government and we didn't have a shredder in those days.

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It specifies that you don't need to provide SS number or phone number to opt out.

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I signed up for this. And there was SOME drop in solicitations.

But I saw, when I got my free credit report via www.annualcreditreport.com that nearly every month some company, like Citibank or someone, is running my report.

And lately we're getting more credit-card stuff. So I need to check that my DH did his.

Thanks for the link!

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Thank you for posting this resource. I signed up for myself and my husband immediately.


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you also have to watch your mail for companies you DO do business with, such as your mortgage company or insurance company.

They will periodically send you a disclaimer with tiny writing that is in "double negative" or whatever the term is. "If you DON'T tell us not to, we will give your name and contact information away."

So read the envelope stuffer stuff in your mail!

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Santa Clara County in California publishes a brochure on how to reduce junk mail. I followed their directions and reduced my mail substantially.

The link below is to the .pdf file with the brochure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reduce Junk Mail Brocure

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Yahooooo! I've had great success doing this: I save all those annoying card inserts that fall out of magazines and cram them in the cc return envelope. I have a postal scale so I make sure the fat envelope weighs over their pre-paid amount. That way, when they get it, they have to pay additional postage. I write "not interested, remove from list...and thanks for your help in my decluttering efforts."
It works! I can't believe how effective this is!
I've finally made them realize that sending me unasked for cc crap is going to cost them something.

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