Side Table Mess

piedpipurrNovember 6, 2013

What can I do about the side table next to my "TV Chair"? Right now I'm looking at 3 remotes, glass of water, cordless phone, scratch pad, coffee mug used to hold pens etc. I've tried the basket idea but that still looks messy.

I've been so good about purging through out the house before getting ready to sell but this table is a problem.


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This sounds like it is your command center, what with the mug of pens, scratch pad and phone.

My first suggestion would be to see if there is a table with one or more drawers that you could switch out to use as your side table. Then everything but the phone and glass of water could be put away in the drawer(s) when not in use.

Or try to find a tray or even two small trays to hold some of the things. One tray for the mug of pens, phone and scratch pads. Somehow putting things on a tray makes it look as though they are there intentionally, not just randomly dropped off on the nearest surface.

They sell holders for remotes that fit over the arm of your chair. Or you could put them in a small box that fits under the chair, and only pull them out when necessary.

Or you could find a small basket that sits on the floor or slides under the chair to hold most of the stuff. I keep pens, pencils, a nail file, hand lotion, chap stick, index cards and a pair of scissors in a small little canvas tote that just fits between my chair and the wall. The remotes go in a basket on the lower shelf of the coffee table when not in use. When in use, the basket gets moved to the side table.

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I was going to suggest what Camlan did for the remotes.

They sell holders for remotes that fit over the arm of your chair.

Maybe cloth pockets.

That would separate your remotes from the other stuff.

Also, consider eliminating the coffee mug of pens and get just one pen in a stand--a desk pen.

That will still be the same number of items (desk pen = coffee mug), but it will be less cluttered *looking*, because it will be only 1 pen.

I don't know what sort of basket you've used, but one that has compartments for each remote might help them look less cluttery.

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A table with at least 2 drawers and in the drawers I put plastic bins to sort stuff. Pens, nail file, etc, things I use the most, things I don't use often go in the back bins. The second drawer, no bins, hold BP machine, dictionary for crossword puzzles, phone manual, etc.. My recliner sets next to a wall and a window. I put a magazine box between my chair and wall. as you can see in the photo, a tissue box, remotes on magazines and a tiny trash container. This box cannot be seen unless a guest comes right up to the window. The coffee table is directly in front of the window. It has 2 drawers and a shelf. As you see my laptop is there. I like things handy. The second photo will be in the reply.

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Second photo.

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Take 5 things off the table, then put each away properly or throw it out. Tomorrow do the same. Continue till it's neat and only holds things you need and use daily.For example, you only need one or two pens. This method always works for me.

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Can one of the remotes be programmed to do everything?

We have a separate remote for the DVD player, but since it isn't used every day (or even every week), it lives in a drawer.

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I'm all for minimizing but you could think about a very nice wooden breadbox -- you know the kind that's like the roll top desk? Sometimes, if you have to keep things out that aren't beautiful these can become a good tiny closet.

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