Mudroom layout

bethohio3November 30, 2006

Hi all!

This is sort of a laundry room question, but its mudroom/organizational function is at least as important.

We're trying to do the layout for the mudroom in our new house. I've already increased its size quite a bit and the size is fixed. I'd love anouther couple of feet in each direction, but that just won't be happening!


I've been toying with a lot of options: reversing the w/d and the sink, moving some of the appliances to the back wall, using the laundry room pantry as locker/coating hanging space.

What is shown as cabinets is really just locker/hanging space. The entire interior can be changed, but there is no way to add space or to move the doors (since that would mess up the kitchen). The left door into the mudroom is the garage and the right pocket door is into the kitchen.

I'd appreciate any ideas or thoughts anyone has.


(who wanted about a 10x12 mudroom but isn't getting one!)

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I think we need some more information. Any kids? Ages? How often will this entrance be used? What's kinds of weather? I know you are calling this a mudroom, but will it really be for wet, dirty, messy stuff or is that just a code word for "big coat closet?" Where can you have the clothing waiting to go into the wash? What do you want to do with clothing coming out of the dryer (place to hang?)

The first problem I see it that it is really a hallway trying to be made to function as a room. So, depending upon what you need to do coat and shoe wise, the ability to get to the back area will be impacted. How much do you really need that utility sink? (I keep thinking I'll put one in, but I get along fine without it, so I hesitate to give up space for something which won't be used much.)

If plumbing isn't a problem, I'd leave the sink out and put the washer/dryer back there. Possibly even having some bifold doors covering them. That would allow you to pull the freezer into the cubby area and give you room to sit somewhere. I think you need to try and get some type of bench in there for putting boots and shoes, a place to set your bag down while you take a coat off, etc.

Will you have the ability to put a floor drain in there in case of washer overflow? It would be a great thing to have a tiled floor with a floor drain and just kind of "hose" down the floor instead of having to mop. I had that in our last laundry room.

I think you can easily get what you want in that space. I'm just not clear on what your "mud" needs would be.


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Good questions, Gloria!

There are 5 of us in the house: me, DH, 11, 14, 18 (tomorrow!). The three kids are here about 1/2 time.

It is really the only entrance the family ever uses. I am more concerned about its coat/shoe/hat/scarf hanging space than the laundry. We live in Ohio, so there are definitely hat/coat/gloves/boots fairly frequently. Most of us take off our shoes when we walk into the house, so shoes accumulate there as well as coats.

DH would like to be able to keep laundry baskets in there, but dirty laundry is kept in the bedrooms until it's ready to be washed. (In hampers for adults and one child, on the floor next to the hamper for the other 2). Clothes are generally folded elsewhere, but folded quickly, since the kitties mistake full laundry baskets as cat boxes.

Note: since everyone does their own wash, I assume that anything on the floor is dirty and if it annoys me, I put it in the hamper. If it was stuff they hadn't gotten around to putting away yet, or were going to wear again (like a hoody), then they have to wash it again. Oh well.

I am picturing the coat/storage area as being like some of the mudroom pictures that were posted here recently. In fact, I saved the pictures to show DH!

I'll talk to the plumber about a floor drain--that could well be possible.

DH will clean paint brushes and carburators in the kitchen sink if he doesn't have a utility sink close to the garage. It's staying! (Can you imagine this conversation: "Dear, why are you cleaning those paint tools in the kitchen sink?" "Because you nixed the utility sink in the utility room.")

They haven't broken ground yet, so plumbing is still easy to move :-). I played with moving things to the back wall, but there was so much lost space when I did that!

But I keep being sure there's a better way....

So, lots of hanging space (hooks, not hangers) for coats, cubbies for shoes, gloves (I want something like legardhome made), w/d, freezer, utility sink.

And you're right--it's a room off of a hall!!!


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Couple of thoughts:

1) Consider moving the utility sink closer to the entrance. It will be easier for people coming in from working on the yard or cars to wash their hands there instead of the kitchen sink. This would cause the washer and dryer to be moved to the end of the hall and would prevent the need to step over sorted clothing waiting to be washed to get to the utility sink.

2) Have you considered a stackable washer dryer? You could use the extra space for a folding table or build a shelving system that allows for you to put up a rod to hang clothing that must be hung right a way. (I donÂt iron, so I try to hang the hanging cloths right out of the dryer.)

3) Will there be a place to sit and put on boots and other outdoor gear?

4) Do the kitties use a litter box? You could consider putting the box in this room, maybe under the utility sink?

5) Are you tossers or put-things-awayers? I am a tosser, I would be happy with a space on the floor for a pile of shoes vs. cubbies. I personally have come to the conclusion that organizing items must accommodate my style, not me adapt to theirs.

6) How often will you be in the freezer? If you need to get to it often, maybe you want to move it closer to the kitchen.

7) What about putting the washer and dryer against the end of the room?

Congrats on your new house.

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What about getting the utility sink out in the garage? Does any plumbing back up to a garage wall? I had our old house plumbed to have a sink out there for all of my gardening clean-up.

I guess I keep think about how are you going to vent that dryer if you leave it on the interior wall? I'd still put them at the back of the space, even if I had to keep the utility sink in there. I would try and focus on what I see when first walking into the space. I dislike entering my home and being confronted with a pile and confusion, so where the cubbies are would be good for me. Even though the space is small, I'll still try and get some visual separation to close off the laundry area. I'd rather see a very small, neat space than a larger space which has become a pile all area.

OK, I know. Not much help.


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I couldn't help thinking as I read your post, hey, that's me! We also are planning a mudroom/laundry room between the garage and kitchen. We also have cats that mistake piles of clothes for a litter box. However, I think our 8x8 room is a bit smaller than yours; I can't quite make out the dimensions of your room from your plan.

I personally like your current layout with the W/D on the side wall, though I might switch it to the garage side and as colebug mentioned, I'd move the utility sink right next to the door leading to the garage. I don't like the idea of having stuff on the end wall because then it's like having a dead corner in the kitchen. Hard to use the spaces in front of the W/D and sink. You would need to leave at least 2' in front of them which wouldn't allow you to use the side walls as efficiently.

Also, it looks like the utility sink is quite large. If you could cut down on the cabinet size, or even do a wall-mounted style, you might have enough floor space for either a litter box or hampers in the laundry room. I know you mentioned that all your hampers are in the BRs, but I like having a hamper right there in the laundry room. Any dirty clothes coming into the house (socks, soccer uniforms, grubby jeans from gardening), don't have to go any further into the house. They stop right at the laundry room! I'm also planning on having a basket or cubby in the laundry room for each kids' socks. It's a pain having to run to the back of the house and then upstairs to get a pair of socks everytime we go out!

One question, do you really need the pantry in the mudroom? I think that's the closet with sliding doors behind the garage door? If you can spare the room, maybe you could put the freezer in there (don't know if the space is deep enough), but then you would have an entire long side wall free for a bench with lockers for each family member.

Good luck with your new house build!

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