Laundry room basket stacker

lazy_gardensNovember 19, 2010

The incomparable Ana White does it again.

She blames her sisters.

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The peeps at elfa/cont store suggested a similar setup for me a couple years ago. It was a great idea then and it's a good idea now. Love the ability to separate in more than two or three piles piles -- can even keep the fuzzy items away from the non-fuzzy to prevent pilling. Good stuff!

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I wanna be Ana White!

And I want a pocket-hole jig.

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this set up reminds me of the IKEA TROFAST system. just bought 2 units for my kids room.

Maria in Greece

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I love it! I did something similar with my kids CLEAN clothes. I bought heavy duty plastic shelves that hold 2 baskets per shelf. In all they each hold 8 baskets. Clean clothes come out and get sorted into the appropriate basket. I have 3 boys and the "categories" are identical on each shelving unit, in the same place, so I don't have to think about it when I sort.

They have the option to either take things to their rooms and put them in their dressers, or just get dressed in the basement straight out of the basket. Can you guess which option they use? LOL

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LOL mvastian!

As soon as I saw the blog from the OP, I thought "she copied the IKEA system"....

Here is a link that might be useful: trofast

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