Accessories that come w/ stuff you use

sheconquersNovember 9, 2007

Here's a question I've been meaning to ask that is always perplexing to me. I bought a hair dryer not long ago. I liked the particular model, but it came with "attachments" like a diffuser, special combs, etc. I finally threw two of the attachments away when I tried using one and it turned out to be useless, in my opinion. But I have kept the diffuser, in case.

Other examples: portable CD player (yes, I know, a little old fashioned in the age of the MP3 players, but it was another example I thought of), that came with a car charger that I had a pretty good idea I'd never need; immersion blender that came with a wall-mount rack that I don't think I'll ever install.

What do you do with these accouterments? Do you toss them from the beginning, keep them until you give away or toss the object?

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In the past I have kept them. But I'm getting more ruthless about tossing them.

My wall-mount rack for my immersion blender hung around for several years, and then I threw it out.

I used to think I'd keep them so the thing was more valuable when I gave it away, and I've decided, now I just don't care.

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I don't have any problem pitching the stuff. I will donate some things like a diffuser to the thrift store. Someone may be able to use them.

Considering that most items break before we will get rid of them, it's not like they need to be passed on with all of the parts.


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Yesterday I bought a stapler and it came with a "free" letter opener. I think I'll toss it. I have never used a letter opener. My hands, fingers and nails work just fine!

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Guiltglo, To your point on donating--I found an obscure piece to my refrigerator at a thrift store. The clerk had no idea what it was...this thing I was so happy to have found.

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