What to do with turkey gelatin?

debrak2008October 8, 2013

I cooked down a turkey carcass and put the liquid in a container. Usually after being cooled in the refrigerator I would skim off the fat and then freeze the broth. This time I open the container and its all gelatin. I add some hot water, mixed it, cooled again. Still gelatin.

So I googled a bit and apparently what I got is good stuff. Now what? I was planning this for a soup base. How is this stuff different than just broth?

Also why did I get gelatin this time? When I cook down chicken all I get is broth with maybe just a touch of gel.

On another note, my biscuits are still not rising. If you feel bad for my family having to eat flat biscuits the rest of their lives, please check into my flat biscuit thread. : )

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No need to adjust anything, it's just stock - good stock! It'll liquefy when you reheat and your soup will have a nice "mouth feel." Sorry about your biscuits! My only guess was baking powder as others said..

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Yummy stock you have there. On the flat biscuits I was wondering what kind of flour are you using? If it is self rising are you adding the baking soda to it? don't add it, if you are. All purpose then use it. Is your flour old? Does your family enjoy the flat biscuits? Enjoy them if they are tasty.

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This stuff is "magic" and soooooo good for us! We've all but lost the art of making and consuming gelatin-rich bone broth.

I will even add a couple tablespoons of unflavored gelatin (Bernard Jensen's 100% Bovine Gelatin) to the broth after cooking 10-pounds of meaty bones (chicken carcass/chicken feet/drumsticks, turkey carcass, beef bones, pork ham bone...). Pour the broth into an 8-inch square pan (you could also use ice cube trays). When set, I cut the gelatin broth into 1-inch cubes and freeze them. Each cube will produce one cup of stock by adding the cube to one cup of hot water and letting it melt. Do-it-yourself bouillon cubes.

I just learned a new trick.... You can further dry out the broth cubes by setting them on a cotton cloth or layer of paper towels in the refrigerator for 8- to 24-hours more to make them a little more portable (easier to use when traveling or for the lunch box).

I drink a cup of bone broth or add a T. of unflavored gelatin to a hot beverage as a mid-morning pick-me-up. Great to have on hand when anyone gets sick.


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grainlady, thank you!!! I will follow your advice about pouring in a pan and cutting into cubes. I have quite a bit of it.

Qs How did I get gelatin? As in how can I get it again?

What's the secret? The type of bones? The length of time cooking?

Edited to clarify

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The link below will give you a lot of information on the subject, and yes, it's the bones as well as the cartilage.

I've recently added more gelatin and bone broth to my diet because of arthritis in my hands/fingers (since I was 14-years old), as well as carpal tunnel and tendonitis from too many years of knitting and crocheting professionally. I have a LOT of knitting to do before Christmas and it's helped so much I'm way ahead of schedule and NO pain killers! :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Why Broth Is Beautiful

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For centuries, cooks have been adding chicken feet to give a gelatinous texture to their broth. Here's a previous thread from the CF with lots of information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chicken Feet for broth

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Wow, Ruthanna, what a blast from the past that thread is! I miss a lot of those folks. I can't remember the last time I made chicken stock without chicken feet. Raw feet, roasted carcasses. That's my formula, anyway.

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When stock goes to gelatin when chilled... YA DONE GREAT!! I'd put into freezer containers... know how much is in each one, say 1 or 2 cups.

I almst NEVER toss any bones without getting some stock out of them... chicken, turkey, ham, etc. From frozen, it'll melt down pretty quickly over medium heat. Find it makes a nice differrenct from water for things like rice and veggies.

When T-Day rolls around (SOON!?!), a container will be nice to add extra richness to gravy or moisten stuffing.

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Update: I have been freezing it in a mini muffin pan. Then I pop them out (they come out very easy) and put them in a ziplock freezer bag. These will be easy to use. Thanks all!

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Pig's feet give you all the gelatin you want and you can eat the meat too.

You can buy beef tendon in Asian stores. That's basically 100% gelatin.


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That chicken feet thread was so funny, I almost bumped it up!

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I can't give a chicken foot a manicure.

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"----I can't give a chicken foot a manicure.-------"

True. Pedicure may work.

dcarch LOL!

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