Should I get rid of the ironing pile?

esgaNovember 13, 2005

I;ve had a huge pile of clothes on the ironing board cluttering up the living room for months. Most of them are summer clothes but actually, I don't know exactly what's in there.

Should I just doump the whole lot in a box and give it away? Years ago, I used to iron when "Murder She Wrote" was on; I didn't even care very much about the show, but it was something that didn't have to be paid much attention to. I don't watch TV at all now - I have too many things I like doing better. So the ironing doesn't get done.

I have loads of clothes, most of which can be worn as is if I get to the dryer fast enough. So I am very tempted to just get rid of all this. What do you think?

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I would bag them up and send them off. Ironing most clothing just doesn't fit with my lifestyle anymore. This is a great time to let clothing you don't really use go to someone who will get some good from them.

I've also found since I have decluttered everyone's clothing, it is so easy for me to keep up with the laundry. When you don't have a ton, you can't dirty a ton.


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For the couple of things that look best really ironed I now just send them to the cleaners with my husbands shirts... very simple :)


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Yes, definitely get rid of the pile! It's a quick fix for the living room, it's an easy clean-out of your summer clothes, and it will save you time forever!

P.S. I used to have clothes in the mending pile that had been there so long the kids outgrew them. No more mending pile here! LOL

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I used to have clothes in the mending pile that had been there so long the kids outgrew them.

Me too!

in fact, this post made me wonder about just getting rid of the mending pile.

Or getting some of them done.

The problem is, as soon as I actually do some of them (alterations, mostly; I don't mend anymore, just shorten waistbands), then it makes me think I'll actually do more, so I put more in.

I think I need to take some of them to the dry-cleaners tailor.

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I tossed the mending pile, and now nothing gets piled EVER. If I can't stitch it by hand or sew on the button real fast the same day, it's out of here.

Definitely no alterations. Found an unlined silky jacket I *thought* I could alter to fit... oh how wrong I was! Out it went, fast as lightening.

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I gave up on much mending. The clothing my children wear don't seem to warrent the attention. They just aren't that well made and it's not like we have anyone to hand them down to. Patches on the jeans just don't cut it anymore.

My DH seems to need the crotch to his dress slacks sewn once in a while, but the other day he wanted me to fix a pair of briefs. His favorite and they don't make them anymore. Told him I didn't have a stretch stitch on my machine and to give it up and throw them away!

I will shorten pants into shorts if the kids really like them. I am terrible about sewing on buttons. I can't wear my favorite sweater since it is missing two buttons. I've only found one and just KNOW I have the other one somewhere.

Mending or ironing. Thank goodness most of the DH's clothing goes to the cleaners and the rest of us just wear cotton knits.


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Does anyone darn socks anymore?

My dh learned real fast that I don't. Yes, both our mothers did it. No, I will not! If a sock has a hole, it goes in the trash. We've been married 19 years. He will still come to me and say, "You'll be so proud of me. I threw out a holey sock."

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Susan, you brought back a vivid memory of being taught to darn socks as part of my Girl Scout sewing badge requirements. What were they thinking? It was 1970-something! I've never darned a sock since then, and I'm with you 100%, if it has a hole in it, out it goes.

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My mom is 88. After the deprivation of the depression and then WWII, there is no way they would have bothered with darning. Mom said unless it was really well done, it was darn uncomfortable.


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I darn socks. Once they're darned nobody else will wear them. Most of my new socks are somebody's old socks.

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I never buy clothing if the label says "dry clean only" or if it shows a picture of an iron. A few years ago, I found a beautiful silk blouse on the clearance rack but I resisted buying it. If you hang most things up right out of the dryer, they look nice,no wrinlkles.

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My DD has a really skinny waist--so pants that are long enough (or shorts that are long enough), or even big enough around the hips, are way too short at the waist. Add the fact that she likes her clothes to fit tightly at the waist, and there you have alterations on clothes that haven't been worn yet.

And today's pants never have enough extra in the hem to lower them there.

I could take them to someone else to do, but sometimes I have to change it yet again (to get the waist tight enough), plus it adds so much to the price of the clothes. Especially here in NYC--probably $5 minimum, maybe more.

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Talley Sue, I can feel your pain. I have a small waist and short legs. I always pay to have my slacks tailored. And I have a skinny daughter who will only wear size zero or double zero. It sure is expensive. Although I know how to sew, I am in no way expert enough to do my own alterations. I can sew a straight seam and put on a button,but that's about all.

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I hate ironing (both my mum and sister are whiz kids at ironing!!! sheesh!!) When I was very young -- Mum even had one of those huge ironing rolling machines for tablecloths! (she even ironed undies!)

DH now takes clothes over to the cheap dry cleaners near us if he wants things ironed -- IF we take the really good clothes -- well -- there is a VERY good cleaner not far from here!

Ditch the ironing pile -- and search your area for cheap dry cleaners. Decide on what MUST be ironed -- and try to take it out of the dryer right away - and hang it up.

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I remember the mangle - the big ironing cylinder - Mom did sheets on that.
I might be able to find my iron today, if I really have to - and the ironing board must be around here ironing, no mending, nothing is worth it. Of course, my kids are grown/gone and I am a solo act who is retired.



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I don't mind ironing (ha!) once I'm forced into it. What I really like to do is put the clothes right out of the dryer into the ironing basket. Then I wait (sometimes 3 weeks) to see how long I can get away without doing that job. It turns out that most of it is DH's shirts. I've been slowly throwing them away. Nobody needs 25 shirts, do they?

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its so good to know I'm not the only one with a mountain of ironing in the living room. After about a month I'll sort it into piles, iron my 3 years olds if it still fits her, iron a bit of mine if really needs it and DD who's 14 will do some of hers after a lot of coaxing plus I'll do some of it. DS wears mostly sports stuff that doesn't need ironing. My mum if she decides she wants to visit for a month or so(!) will make me feel guilty saying she did it with 2 young kids AND a husband (rubs it in), but she didn't have to raise 4 kids alone in a Germany as DH had 'other interests'. I have noticed though that the local charity shop is well stocked with my help. They do say ironing is therapeutic?! Can think of better things to do... :0)

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my iron's in the basement, and it gets used every single day. but that's because I'm on a patchwork kick at the moment, and pressing the seams is half the work.

I would go through the pile, and pick out the silk, and the linen, toss them in the dryer with a damp washcloth, and put them away for next year.

everything else would go to charity.

even if you have the world's coolest hamper with an integrated ironing surface so that it looks like an end table when not in use... the living room's no place for laundry.

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So what was the verdict? Did you toss the ironing pile?? TELL ALL PLEASE!! LOL

Had to giggle about darning socks. I was also a Girl Scout in the 70's. I'll bet they don't teach darning anymore.

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We installed a built in ironing board in our office across from my laundry closet. I wash, dry and hang or fold everything and put away. No ironing basket. I don't iron until I wear or need something (if it needs it ). I taught my kids and DH to do the same.

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(With shame) - it's still there! I've made lots of progress in other areas, but not that.

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No worries. The ironing pile will be a fast fix: swoop it up, toss it in a bag, and send it somewhere else!

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