underneath steps storage ideas

robertaleeNovember 27, 2005

We have moved into a home with space underneath the basement steps for storage, but need ideas on how to put in shelves, drawers, or something else. It is in the part of the basement which is unfinished, is next to a concrete wall, and there is a landing at the bottom of the steps.

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Perhaps you can build a closet, with a door, and use stacking boxes. My MIL had a closet under her stairs with no shelves. I think the carpentry involved could be difficult/ expensive if you can't DIY.

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How about those stackable utility shelves that are heavy duty and made out of black plastic with pipe legs? you could cut the pipes to to shorten the legs to fit under a lower area and keep building up as the stairs got higher. You could store SO much this way and it would take little more than a hack saw to make this happen once you bought the shelves.. and yes.. pony up for the heavy duty black version weight for a couple of hundered pounds per shelf even if you have to get them bit by bit... much better in the long run.


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We have storage under the basement steps, closed in like a closet.

When you look in the door, our steps are to the left. There are wide shelves under the steps that go back a ways, with a "crawl space" underneath these where I can shove rubbermaid bins (Christmas decorations). There are narrow shelves straight ahead against the back wall (for canned goods) and on the right side against the outside wall(also for canned goods). The center floor space (between the stairs on the left and the outside wall on the right) is left empty. That's where we keep our coolers, with extra paper towel and toilet paper stacked on top of them.

Caution notes:
* Make sure you have a light in there
* Make sure you leave enough room to GET in there so you can recover what's under the stairs (that's why the shelves on the right are narrow--so we have room to get in there)
* Remember that this is one of the dirtiest places in the house, since dirt from the stairs (which lead from our back door) falls in there through the steps and it's a pain to clean around all the storage stuff so I don't do it every week (I know... shame on me... LOL).

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