Another GPS Question

samkarenFebruary 20, 2013

Well I went today and got my Garmin GPS. I know I have to go online to register but there is one thing it doesn't explain.

The directions say to "charge the battery while I am driving" but it doesn't say how long it takes to charge.

Can anyone answer that for me?

I have to figure it out before Saturday the 2nd.

your resident DJ

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I just keep mine plugged into the cigarette lighter all the time.

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Sorry, Sam! I don't know. I just leave mine plugged in to the power the whole time I'm using it. I'm pretty sure there is an icon on the screen showing a full charge.

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To be on the safe side, keep it plugged in. I also have found that if you are going on a very long trip, stop the GPS and start it over. Once we were told to get off at an exit and when we did it was clear it was going in the wrong direction.
Also, have your directions printed out from google maps just in case something happens with the GPS. Sometimes there are dead zones, sometimes a new road (which is why you need to update your GPS from time to time).
For the most part, it works great.

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Isn't there a battery charge indicator on it somewhere? Check in one of the menus. I'd just leave it plugged in all the time for the first few days to get a full charge. Be sure to turn it off when you stop the car if the outlet loses power with the ignition. Then use it a while on the battery, plug it in when it tells you to.

Mine came with an a/c cord and a 12v cord allowing me to charge it in the house or in the vehicle.

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I brought my GPS over three years ago,I don't remenber going on line to register it.Where do I find the number?

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