best paint to cover sheating

1840emmyOctober 16, 2013

I'm seriously thinking of painting over the sheating in our old house instead of having it drywalled over and then painting it. I'd love to hear recommendations for paint that covers really well with one well as any recommendations for a primer, which I will probably need in at least one of the rooms, based on what I've seen when I ripped off part of the wallpaper.

I'm also reconsidering cabinetry: instead of tossing the old upper cabinets, which are installed reeeeeaaaally well, I am thinking of having new doors, with glass inserts, made instead. I'll need to strip off the dozen layers of paint on the original upper boxes, so would love to hear any recommendations anyone has for that.

The lowers are going to be replaced, they are in horrendous shape and will be replaced with all drawers, much more user-friendly. I will have a local cabinet maker make these so that he can match the base cabinets with the doors. I can't do that if I use IKEA or any ready-made stuff because the dimensions of those upper cabinets aren't made anymore so no door I could order would fit. This is fine, actually, since I love giving work to the local rcaftsmen:)

So, to recap, please share with me your recommendations for:

1. interior primer for 150+ year old sheating;
2. latex wall paint for same;
3. stripper for multiple layers of paint on cabinets;
4. while I'm at it, enamel for the trim.

Thanks so much!

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You can get unfinished doors made custom (to the nearest 1/8") from several online stores. It's not an upcharge for the custom size, either.

The best guide I know of for painting cabinets was recommended in the paint forum and is linked below. It's very detailed. I followed it to a tee when repurposing a kitchen cabinet into a bathroom vanity and am very happy with how it turned out.

I wouldn't strip painted cabinets, I'd just sand them so you've got a good surface for a re-coat. Clean them first (per the below guide).

Here is a link that might be useful: cabinet painting guide.

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More interesting to me than mis-spellings: why is interior sheathing considered new and novel and green if it's found in 150-year old homes?

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Thanks for the link. I guess it could still work today, but I always liked during framing when the sheathing wrapped and locked together the outside corners. This does not happen when it's inside. I suppose you need to furr out before drywall so you don't get wet spots in the sandwich. I hate sandwiched sheet goods and never allow it when I have the say-so.

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