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dilly_nyNovember 23, 2012

I'm new to the organizing forum, though I occassionally lurk. I just finished building a kitchen extension and it includes a coat closet. Or former kitchen, small as it was, also had a coat closet. The new closet is 54"wx24"dx96"h on the interior and has two 18" doors.

Issues: 1)The rod is mounted at 72" high, which is too high for my kids to hang up their coats. I am thinking I need to lower the rod. I originally installed the rod high up so that I would have more room below the shorter coats for storage. 2) Although I planned for 2 kids to hang up their backpacks in the garage adjoining the kitchen (we don't have a mud room), it just doesn't happen. Their backpapcks are quite heavy for the hooks, although they do support the weight. We do not park our car in the garage so its not on the out the door track. Plus, as the weather is getting colder, I am not sure freezing backpapcks in garage is ideal. I was thinking the bottom of the closet might inspire more consistent application of "put it away."

This closet should ideally store coats, hats, gloves, backpacks, work bags, extra curricular items (changes seasonally) and DR table pads. I had originally wanted to get cubbies such as the Brookstone multi use cubbies for the bottom of the closet, but the size is wrong. I want something to utilize the full depth of the closet. I am willing to have something made. Or I was thinking of using milk crates.

Thank you for any ideas! Here is a picture of the closet (excuse the mess) and a link to the Brookstone cubbies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brookstone cubbies

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If you are having the cubbies made, maybe you could make two rows of shelves and have the bottom one come out further, serving as a step so that the children could reach the rod. Or a hook on the inside of each door could be the kids' coat holders.

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we just bought from Home Depot, a Martha Stewart Living organizer with 8 cubes for 30 dollars. Will use it in a closet for shoes, purses. They come in different sizes and configurations. the one we got was 48 inches wide and has 8 cubes. just a might could buy smaller ones and make your own configuration. cheaper than custom made...............

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Graywings - I was thinking of trying hooks on the doors. A built in step is a good idea too. Thanks!

JennaVA - I looked at the MSL orgainizers, but they are only about a foot deept. That would mean the cubbies would be pushed to the back of the closet (and we'd have junk piled in front of it). But yes, something like that but on a larger scale would be perfect.

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Hooks on the side walls, maybe?

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Low hooks on the side walls. Wire shelves (the very shallow ones meant to be put on the inside of a closet door) inside one door. A shoe bag - with all the pockets - on the inside of the other door for hats, gloves and scarves.

I love the idea is having a shelf come out to double as a step. Put hinges on it so you'll have concealed storage under it for out is season items.

Since its deep, I would do the shelf/ step then 12" deep cubbies in the back. With hooks on the side, it would be like a walk in closet for the little ones with things they need at their height.

I love your woodwork! I love unstained wood with just a clear finish. The beauty of the wood can really shine.

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If you have enough depth, could you consider using cubes/shelves inside, and then put few hooks on the doors -higher up for the adults to hang hats/ and another one - low enough for kids' backpacks. A lot of times we do not utilize doors themselves.

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