Xmas reminder

kathyg_in_miNovember 28, 2005

NOW is the time to go thru the Xmas decorations and donate them to the local Salvation Army, Purple Heart, etc. They don't want that stuff after Xmas! And people can use it NOW!

At least that is what I'm up to this week!

Kathy G in MI

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Thank you, Kathy! That's good to remember as we pull out our holiday decorations. Even though I don't use all of our decorations, I keep holding onto them for when our kids move out and might want some. (They'll probably want their own decorations at that point.)


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I have two daughters, now 16 and 17. When they were babies, I started buying two new ornaments each year and writing their names and year on each one with a permanent marker. I hang all on the tree each year and put them away in a box marked "heirloom ornaments". I intend to give each one all their own ornaments the year they have their first home. I remember my first Christmas in my first apartment. I had very little money for decorations. I bought a cheap tabletop tree, baked cutout cookies and hung them on the tree. I would have liked a few extra ornaments from my parents.

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DH and I still have ornaments from our childhood that we treasure. Hopefully our kids will feel the same way, because we're holding on to theirs, too.

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I just went through wrapping paper and ribbon that I'm going to donate.

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