Anyone ever use Soft Paws for your cat?

KathsgrdnFebruary 23, 2013

Bushido is destroying carpeting and my couch and chair. He has even scratched up the covers for the couch and chair and ottoman. I quit using them because I didn't want them totally destroyed but my couch, which is old is a mess. I bought him a scratching post but he ignores it even when I try to get him interested in it. I've also used a spray bottle of water to startle him when I catch him scratching the couch...but I'm not always home.

I went looking for ideas and saw a post on the pet forum about soft paws and was wondering if they work. I hope someone here has tried them.

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Never tried them. I just trim my cat's claws.

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My sister rubs catnip all over the scratching post and it works. She also bought a pad of rolled corrugated cardboard, and the cat likes using that too. I think they rubbed catnip on that too.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes they do work but savage claws grow out they have to be taken off nails trimmed new tips glued on. My friend that uses them said this was a job she let's the vet do. I mean you're dealing with an unhappy cat, claws, and super glue, what could go wrong? lol They look really cute and work well, some cats will try to eat them off.

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It depends on your cat's temperament. One of mine was totally fine with them and the other freaked out and chewed them until they came off and probably hurt himself. So if you do get them, I would suggest trying one or two and seeing the reaction. But they do work really well if the cat will tolerate it,

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I've used them on two cats. They weren't too bad to put on, but having a helper to hold the cat for you is helpful. Here is how I put them on:
1. Have helper hold the cat while you trim the nails.
2. Have the helper hold and pet the cat to keep it calm while you prepare the Soft Paws by putting the super glue in 5 of the caps. Be careful not to over fill the caps or you will glue the cap to the cat's skin. (Having them already glue-filled makes it easy to get them on the cat quickly.)
3. Put the Soft Paws on one of the cat's paws.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the paws are covered.

The cats don't like them, at first. So, the caps don't last as long because the cat will work on pulling them off. You have to check them once a week or so and replace the missing caps. After a month or two, the caps will start lasting longer because the cat will leave them only to come off naturally.

The caps are expensive, but they do work. Good luck with which ever method you choose.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

hahahaa my autocorrect for some reason put savage claws instead of cat claws!
I swear I think someone spent time programing autocorrect to put in the strangest possible words.

Have you ever gone to that site Damn You Auto Correct there are some really hilarious ones.

so sorry about that I actually meant cat claws lol

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I was really wondering about that raven. Savage claws. Heh

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Cats scratch to mark territory. There are some sprays that work well at keeping the cat from scratching furniture. I have one but it's really old (and it still works).

I hate to say it but you really need to train the cat on what they can and cannot scratch. Scratching posts, cardboard boxes and a soft bed are great but the cat needs to know those are ok for scratching. Not all cats react to catnip but you can try it.

For the time being, wrap the areas you don't want scratched with foil. When you do see kitty scratching where it is appropriate, give them praise and a little play.

I've had cats for about 40 years so I have a little bit of experience.

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I LOVE Soft Paws. We had 3 cats (one passed away last year) and used them on all three. One cat scratched in appropriate places, another just loves to come and say "Whatcha doin'?" by standing up and putting his paws on my leg while I am sitting at the computer, and even trimmed claws can hurt. So I got Soft Paws. They are all even tempered, so putting them on was not a big issue. DH just holds and loves them while I take my time trimming, then glueing them on. The first time I put them on they walked around for a few minutes like they were marching, but quickly adjusted. No problems with them at all.

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Thanks for all the responses. I'm going to try them out and see.

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Just be sure you don't use too much glue. I used them for a while on my cats, but One time I guess I over did it on the glue on a couple of his toes, and, his claws didn't push a couple of them off like they were supposed to as they grew longer. He ended up growing his claws through the plastic and it stuck and was really bad for him. Go easy on the glue.

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Have you seen the new scratching pads?.... They lay on the floor and look like corigated (sp) cardboard that's just side by side real tight. You sprinkle catnip down into it to attract them. A friends of ours has one and her cat just loves it, never botheres the furniture. Might be worth a try.Here is a link to one on Amazon and the price seems very reasonable to me, less then 5.00 and have 120 reviews. If you hold the cursor over the photo of it you can see it enlarged.

Here is a link that might be useful: Catit Scratcher with CatNip

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