I'd love to see pictures of your pantry

cburchNovember 14, 2007

I have a small closet type pantry with 4 shelves that are about 24 inc deep. It's a nice space, but I don't feel I have it organized well. I'd really like to see some pictures of those who have pantries like mine.

Also, any advice on a linen closet would be appreciated also. I'm cleaning mine out, getting rid of unused linens and trying to figure out what to do with those comforter that are no longer used, but kept because they are great when you make have slumber parties and outside things.


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We recently had our kitchen remodeled. There was a breakfast bar in it that no one used. So, we replaced the bar with cabinets close to the floor. The counter top is larger and we now have three large cabinets for storage. Wish I had done that years ago.

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Cburch, There are pantry pictures on the Home Decorating Forum. The thread probable rolled over to the second page as that forums moves pretty fast.

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Thanks mustangs.... should have said I posted the question over there also, just thought I'd ask a different group of people.


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Since I don't have a pantry, I can't show you any pictures. But I have some thoughts.

24" deep is sort of awkward to store small things in--actually, even most big things. It's so deep.

If you could sent alittle bit, and can run a drill, you might consider getting several pull-out shelves (full-extension, pls! don't torture yourself), and spacing them pretty closely, for stuff like canned goods (my personal dream is to lay them on their sides).ShelvesThatSlide.com has a good reputation on the Kitchens forum, and they have a really great set of instructions for measuring, installing, etc.

I also would put a slide-out shelf on the very bottom of the pantry bcs the back part of that shelf would be nearly inaccessible.

(speaking of asking a different group of people--have you asked over at Kitchens?

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There are a few things that I've done to make my pantry more accessible. Here is a of my pantry. We used a product called the Cansolidator to organize all of our canned foods. It is great, cause it helps you maximize the pantry space, and it automatically rotates the food for you. It's been very useful. We also use an extra shelf for space in our cupboards that might be helpful to you. You can see it here. Basically, in our small kitchen, we have just tried to use all the space we've been given. I hope this is a little helpful... and yes, we've found a couple cool products from the same website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Organization Place, cool stuff here

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Bags, I'm in love with your pantry organization and organizers! I use the undershelf shelf in my shoe closet, well one like it but larger. I'm definitely going to look through the website that you shared.

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Have you ever compared how many cans you can fit on a shelf with the cansolidator, versus if you just stacked the cans in the same amount of space taken up by the cansolidator? I'm asking because I've looked at the cansolidator before, but hesitated to get them because I figured I could probably fit more cans in the same amount of space without them. My pantry space is fairly limited, so that has to be a consideration for me. I do like the way they automatically rotate from oldest to newest, though.

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Here's the Cansolidator page (I guess they used bags' pantry as a model...):-o

Here is a link that might be useful: Cansolidator website

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That's funny!! I thought there was a lot more redundancy in food items than the normal family would consume.

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Ok, bags, you must explain the mystery for us - it is the exact same photo... what's happening here?


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You caught me... I couldn't figure out how to get a picture of my pantry uploaded on to this site, so I figured I'd just link to the one they had on their site to give you the idea. Sorry if it gave you the wrong impression. I was just trying to share a cool product that I found.

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