Twice Worn

colebugNovember 29, 2006

First, thank you to all who have shared their strategies and stories on home organizing. I have read this site for quite a while and have found it most helpful.

I have just finished cleaning my closet, so I am mostly down to the clothing that I wear and feel comfortable. The closet looks neat and tidy.

One issue I still have that creates clutter for me is that when I wear a piece of clothing for a short time (like an evening after work) and it is still clean, I just hang it on my dresser or a chair so I can wear it again later. As a result, mostly clean room looks messy.

What do others do with the clothing that can stand another wear to two before being washed? Do you keep these pieces separate from the clean pieces?


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I keep them separate, but still in the closet. I have a few hooks to hang barely-worn clothes on.

Or when I'm lazy, and will put on the same clothes in the morning, I just leave them on the bathroom counter.

Mary C

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I have these behind the door racks in bedrooms and bath.

I have the clothes hook one in my bedroom and towel ones in the bathroom and guestroom. They're great.

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I would hang it on the chair at night, so it can "air dry" a bit, and any accumulated odors could dissipate. Then I'd hang it up in the morning, beofre I put on the new clothes for the day (if I'd decided not to wear those clothes again).

Bcs if it's clean enough to wear again, it's clean enough to hang up.

If you have room, I do like the "have a few hooks" idea; it might prompt you to wear them sooner, so they can get in the laundry sooner.

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"Bcs if it's clean enough to wear again, it's clean enough to hang up."

If I even felt like I needed to air it out, it would just go in the dirty clothing. Sometimes I have to wear dressy clothing for just a couple of hours. That only happens a couple of times a year. I just hang it back in the closet. Since my closet isn't packed to the gills, there is plenty of air in there.

About the only thing I put on a hook to wear again is my bathrobe.


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It depends on what it is--if I have worn an expensive suit to work, I hang it up and wear it again, because with heels and hose I seldom really get it dirty.(If I stopped to garden in that outfit--I'm sure they would consider a rest home for me anyhow) Its my belief that drycleaning a suit or dressy outfit too often makes it look shabby.
Jeans and a sweatshirt get washed probably the same day. We are still remodeling and I swear every day is a new color of dust from a different source.

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It depends.

If it's a suit I've worn to church, I hang it up... unless I've stopped on my way in the house to pull weeds and gotten it dirty (unlike Marge, sometimes I forget to change clothes first LOL). Well-made clothes in wool or a wool blend usually hold up OK, and I'll wear the suit later in the week if I don't get it dirty.

If it's the blouse I've worn to church under the suit, I wash it. Who knows when I'll wear it again, and anti-perspirant residue can ruin a garment (I'm NOT a sweaty person, but it's the residue that rubbed off my skin that will do the damage).

If it's the jeans I put on for 3 hours after work, I'll hang them on a hanger on the closet door and wear them for a couple days if they look clean.

If it's the shirt I put on for 3 hours after work, I'll throw it in the dirty clothes because I know I'll want a different shirt the next day and I don't want it sitting around. Usually I only change shirts after work if I'm planning some serious house cleaning or gardening, which means the shirt is probably dirty anyway!

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We have the same problem - everything gets tossed on a chair and then the pile gets away from us and we end up washing them anyway. We're trying to get strict with ourselves - it's either hung up in the closet or it's in the laundry - but we still tend to relapse into our old ways.

I know some people hang the hanger on the rod backwards to let themselves know it's been worn before, but I don't see the point in that - if it's clean enough to wear again, then why differentiate it from the other stuff?

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I had read somewhere years ago that the best solution for clothes that you'll wear again is to put them all on one designated chair. The reasoning was that the room would still be neat because everything was off the floor and these clothes would have their place. I always considered that when anyone did this, they were quite organized.

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I have an over-the-door hanger on my closet door that projects out about 14". Anything I consider clean enough to wear again I put there. When I wore good suits to work, I just put them right back in the closet. I'm not sure why I treat washable clothes differently. I generally avoid dryclean clothes like the plague these days. Even for those few I have, I always ask myself if I want to wear this garment enough to make a trip to the dry cleaners. The answer is usually NO.

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Thanks for all the comments. They have been helpful and I will apply a combination of the suggestions.

It seems like a good method to attack this sloppy habit is to first ask myself:

1) How dirty are the cloths? (If they are dirty, get them to the laundry rather than wait till later.)

2) How long will it be before I want to wear them again? (If more than a day or two, hang them up in the closet, on a hanger, with the other clean clothing.)

So, if they are clean and I plan to wear them in the next day or two, then hang them in one place (vs. all over!) I am taking a test run with the bedroom door hanging method. Hopefully by asking the first two questions, the amount of cloths kept out for easy re-wearing access will be reduced and the time they are out will be down to a day or two.

Thank you for helping me to think about this.

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My husband and I each have a rack of hooks behind the bedroom door. I also have hooks in my closet for this. If I were designing a home or remodel from scratch, I would include a major (hidden) spot for just this purpose and design as carefully and specifically as a closet is designed for the particular things you expect to put there. Or a mudroom might serve some of it, but not all. I hang pj's on hooks, and I always wear a light jacket so it gets a hook and I wear after-work comfy clothes several times before washing if only worn around the house for a few hours.

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Marie26, I refuse to post on the Cooking forum and when I realized you don't have a link to email on your page I had to find you somewhere else. LOL When I saw Ann post about the dry salt method I was curious. I'm not a fan of brining. Have always found that method way too salty.

I just wanted to thank you for sharing a new approach. It's too bad you didn't get the thanks you deserved over there.

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natal, I appreciate your kind words. I will have to check my settings. I thought I had put my e-mail address on there. I like almost all of the folks on the cooking forum and Ann is one of my favorite people. She tried out the dry salt method I was curious about and I trust her judgement when it comes to cooking. About brining, I've always had very good success with it.

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Marie, glad you enjoy it. Too many claws for my taste. ;)

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If I've worn something and it's still clean enough to wear again, I hang it back up on the hangar, inside-out. (When I pull my tops off, they usually end up inside-out so I just hang them.) This way I know I've worn them. It also helps define which clothes you're wearing most in your closet in case you want to do some purging. Someone shared this tip from before somewhere and I thought it was worth repeating since it works for me!

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we call those clothes "semi's" I hang them on a hook ( if casual) or on a hanger on a valet rod ( if dressy) and after a days airing I hang them back in the closet. if's its a sweater or a pair of jeans, they have a dedicated "semi's" area with a grid and hooks until they have been worn enough to go into the laundry. Same system works in my husband's closet.

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I have several suits that I wear to work and they go right back in the closet. I will wear a good wool suit several times before it has to be cleaned. The blouses and turtle necks go right into the laundry basket and I might wind up replacing them before I will actually iron them!

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