Holiday Bargain Shopping

runninginplaceNovember 17, 2005

Here is my new topic for the holidays...good deals for the shopping season!

I really am jumping the gun a bit because I haven't even sat down and done my master gift list but here are a few tips:

-LLBean is doing free shipping till *Dec. 22* which is great if you plan on ordering something from there anyway.

-Landsend is also doing a free shipping promotion though only till Nov. 21. But if you have a LE item in mind...

-One of my favorite online record stores, is having a fantastic sale on literally thousands of CDs. I think it runs for another week or so. Best of all, there is another special running simultaneously on the site, for free shipping on orders over $20. I"m happily selecting stocking stuffers for the kids and piecing back my long lost and much mourned album collection with oldies on CD.

-Haven't seen it yet but I'm keeping my eyes open for the Bath & Body Works sale on antibacterial soaps, hand cleaners and lotions. I LOVE those as great little gifties for teachers and coworkers and usually at some point they will go on sale for a great price. Best I've seen is 5 for ten bucks (compared to $4/item generally). I'll give a holler if/when I see those come up on sale.

-I mentioned in another topic a great magazine subscription site. It is called but the website comes up as Either way...the deal is 5 subscriptions for $29.95 and there are a ton of choices. I've used it several times and they are very reputable. I've never gotten burned. Especially if you order for someone in your family you can split the choices and get magazines coming to your house all year long. Um, don't blame me if this one leads to a future organizing post about drowning in magazines :)

-My sister loves the online Lillian Vernon site, I haven't done a lot of surfing there but I know they are big on personalizing and they do seem to have a steady stream of discount offers. Might be worth checking out.

Ok, those are my tips. Anyone else got some goodies to share with the class?

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Ann, funny you should mention Bath & Body Works. I ran in there tonight, hoping to find a good sale. NOPE! I guess it's still a bit too early. That's okay, I'll wait! I got those Holiday hand soap pumps last year for an incredible deal and they made great gifts. I dressed them up by wrapping them in cute cellophane gift bags and ribbon. I stock up on their hand soap when it goes on sale. It's the best!


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Thanks so much for the Lands End news. I know about LLBeans offer but didn't know Lands End has a similar shorter term offer. I'll get my stuff asap :)

Bath & Body has one of their two major semi-annual sales during the 4th of July weekend. I am not sure when the other is but I am assuming it would be around Christmas time...or perhaps just before or after. Sorry, that is not helpful at all :(

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Ann, I don't find free shipping for Land's End on their website :-(

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This site lists promotional codes for many places where I order. I am usually looking under the toys link and right now Hearthsong has shipping for $4.99 with the code.

It's worth a look if you do much mail order. These days, I love having the stuff delivered to my door.


Here is a link that might be useful: clevermoms

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