labeling assortment of containers?

mollyjaneaNovember 16, 2007

i have just created a wonderful sewing room, from very humble beginnings: that means i'm broke, lol. my dilemma now is that all of the sweet old tins, covered baskets, etc are full of my things collected over 50(ouch)years, all perfectly organized, but not visible through the containers. how do i label these in an attractive fashion? it looks so sweet and organized but i still can't find anything. i refuse to use see thru plastic containers - just not my taste. but....? any brilliant ideas? i know you're out there! thanks, molly

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Well, there's the P-touch. Very tidy.

But since they're stick-on, you might run the risk of them lifting some of the paint if you try to remove them in the future. The TZ tapes usually peel away pretty well--the adhesive sticks securely but doesn't split apart when you remove it. But with those painted tins, etc., you might damage them if you ever UNlabel them. (this would be true of ANY stick-on solution,a nd I think the P-touch TZs might actually be better.

And they won't stick on baskets.

You could turn them into flexible tabs that stick onto the bottoms of the tins and stick out a little bit.

Were I in your position, *I* would be able to find the sewing things, bcs I'd remember what I put in which box or basket, but no one ELSE would be able to find anything. Can you use post-it notes for a few months, and see if you build a memory of what's where, that you can use?

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Or maybe label the shelves under the baskets if you're worried about the paint peeling?

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I store things much in the same way you do and I have found that manila luggage tags work nicely. I tie them around a handle or around a neck of a jar. I use a lot of fabric covered boxes and then, I tie them to ribbon ties that are on the boxes.

My emphasis on sewing and knitting is very organic (not necessarily fiber but style) so plastic doesn't fit in for roving or clouds or future yarns.

Maybe this will help.


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wonderful ideas, one and all. i will use a combination of them and i think i will have this problem solved. thanks so much, everyone. i really do appreciate that people on these forums take the time to help each other! xoxo, molly

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I know you're looking for a permanent solution but I have used post-it tape for labeling in the past. It actually stays put for a very long time. It comes in 3 sizes and is one of my favorite organizing items.

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