Two Jewelry questions

camlanNovember 30, 2011

Help. Please.

I have a lot of jewelry and it's all over my bedroom. There are two jewelry boxes, a drawer full of pieces in little individual boxes, a basket with bracelets, a box of pendants, well, you get the picture. It's all unorganized and scattered and a mess.

And my cousin just gave me a whole bunch of costume jewelry that was our grandmother's and great-grandmother's and a bit of her mom's (my aunt) that Cousin doesn't want.

Clearly, I need to declutter a lot of it. So my first question is, where does it all go? There's a bit of sterling silver and a teeny, tiny bit of gold. Is it worth trying to sell that? Where would I go to sell it? Does anyone know if Salvation Army/Goodwill will take donated jewelry? Some of it can go to my nieces for dress-up, I think.

Second, once I get it all down to a manageable amount, the stuff that I will reasonably wear and a few sentimental pieces (my mom's wedding ring, that sort of thing) any suggestions on how to store it? Closet storage is out--old house, tiny closet. I don't want or have space for a jewelry armoire. I don't want to look at it all the time, so making a decorative hanging of it on the wall is out (this seems to be the most popular suggestion on the 'net these days). I'm open to any out-of-the-box ideas anyone might have. I really would like to keep it in one place and have each piece easy to find and retrieve.

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Thrift stores in my area have amazing jewelry. I'm sure SA or Goodwill would LOVE to have the donation!

Gold - YES it's worth selling! I sold some old gold jewelry last Xmas and got $400! I was amazed. It wasn't much and I thought I'd get $50 or $75. Gold prices are high now and you will get more than you think.

For storage, how about up in the box spring under your bed? The flimsy cloth on the bottom of my box spring ripped off and I found it's a great place to hide jewelry! Plastic shoe boxes up there, or even just under the bed.

Do you have a linen or hall closet? How about on the shelf in there? Or even a coat closet up on the shelf in plastic boxes.

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I don't own custom jewelry, so no help here. I inherited lots of jewelry made of precious metals and gem stones, I donâÂÂt like to keep jewelry in the safety deposit box at the bank, it is inconvenient; also the boxes usually are not in the climate controlled area. I have not found any jewelry storage boxes/armoires useful, until I found the Stack On boxes in Sears automobile/hardware section. Below is the link from Amazon.

The box has compartments; some are adjustable for different length of necklaces or bracelets. I use one box for different type of jewelry, such necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets.

When opening the lid, everything in sight and is easy to find. I put each piece in small plastic bag so that they don't get scratches if touch one another. The box closes tightly, can be stacked up, fits perfectly in a safe or file cabinet to be put away and locked.

I never hang jewelry on a fixture, only store everything lying flat. Occasionally I take pearls out to let them breathe and get some humidity from the air. Once a year I exam each piece for any cleaning or repair. I like to keep all the jewelry in tip top condition.

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stack On Box

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My dresser has three shallow drawers across the top. I have lots of earrings, and keep them in the ice cube trays that make the smaller cubes. The trays fit in the drawer, and I can see all my earrings at a glance. Necklaces are lined up in the middle drawer. I find that if I can't see my jewelry (after pulling the drawers open) I forget about it and don't wear it.

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If you want to sell the gold pieces for the metal content, go to a real jeweler, not one of the "We buy Gold" places.

As for the rest, identify them as well as you can and sell them on Etsy.

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I found it handiest to put all my jewelry in one of those hanging pockets. It takes up the same space as a single shirt, but I find it easier to remember to use my jewelry. So if you hang your clothes, even though your closets are tiny, I recommend you hang your jewelry too.

I think mine is from Lillian Vernon--I looked at several before picking one that had the most pockets, on two sides. has a TON of hanging jewelry organizers.

Here are other solutions

Here is a link that might be useful: my hanging jewelry organizer

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You could mount this one to the closet wall right beside the door, or at the end where the rod is attached to the wall (that's where I put the belt hooks).

I kind of like this one, since it's got a mesh for earrings.

Here is a link that might be useful: wall-mounted jewelry valet

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There's a bigger organizer like that, designed to hang over the door or mount on the wall. (But it doesn't have a larger earring space, which is what *I* would want, since I never wear bracelets).

Here is a link that might be useful: in bronze--but it comes in white and silver I think

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I have a 16x20 wall mounted jewelry box. Saw them at Penneys but I got mine at a cheap furniture store. The front is set up to do a photo collage or just put a picture. Opens like a medicine cabinet and has place for hanging chains, earings and rings. Do a search for wall mounted jewelry box. I put mine behind my door and not seen unless door is closed. In other houses I used it as artwork .

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