Selling to Replacements

colorcrazyNovember 17, 2012

After Thanksgiving, we are driving to NC. Hubby wants to sell to Replacements the china and silver from his great aunt. They have been in the attic for years. Will be nice to free up the space. Has anyone done this? He has already looked up the patterns we have and confirmed that they will buy them.

In the past, we have had mixed luck with consignment shops.

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The advantage is that it's one sale, it's over and done with.

They don't offer as much as you would make if you sold privately, but finding a buyer is always a problem. It's often worth it to get the lump sum and the pieces out of your storage.

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I agree with lazygardens.

I had some crystal wine glasses that I sold to Replacements. I had originally tried selling them on Ebay but was not successful. I figured that getting what they offered was better than nothing.

You could do some preliminary work and look on Ebay(at completed auctions) to see what the items you will be selling to Replacements are going for. Then at least you'll have an idea what your things are worth.


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Doesn't matter what the OP thinks they are worth.

Replacement will buy them for as little as possible... and less than you may get elsewhere.

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Thanks, all. Guess what? They said they are not buying right now. Probably have too much that they can't sell. I think more people are like us, getting rid of everything we don't use or cherish. DH is putting the boxes back in the attic crawl space. His stuff, so I will let him. Not like it's in my way or anything.

Will encourage him to check out eBay, though. So now we are not going to NC! (We were going to the Biltmore in Asheville, but someone said it is just OK, not that special.) Will find someplace else for our vacation. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I think Biltmore IS special... and more so during Christmas. The decorations are fabulous.

Sorry that they are not buying them... especially when you were optimistic about them being out of the house.

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We were going to the Biltmore in Asheville, but someone said it is just OK, not that special.

I can't imagine someone saying that. People who are not interested in touring mansions may not enjoy it, but that has nothing to do with what the estate has to offer.

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Meanwhile, do check out eBay for that china.

And, also consider something as simple as Craigslist.

Or, if you DH might be inclined, consider donating.

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Been to the Biltmore Christmas time. Beautiful!

Mt. Vernon is also beautiful, especially on a sunny day when you can sit and view the Potomac.

Oh, wait, this isn't a travel forum. Sorry.


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I have been to Biltmore & really loved it. Maybe your friend compared it to castle estates built today. By their day's standards, Biltmore was lavish huge over the top luxury. By today's standards it is not. What I loved was the contrast. I remember the guide talking about the gas clothes dryer and how reveloutionary it was for the time the house was built. I think it's a very special place because it shows what was considered ultra rich at the time. And the grounds are beautiful.

Ok enough travel log blog from me! I do have to say the Biltmore is very organized - does that statement get this post OT?

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The trick to selling family heirlooms and antiques is finding the right buyer, who wants your collection and will pay top dollar. Good luck. Yes I mean this ironically. Both myself and my brother have sold items to Replacements Inc. They will pay you about ten percent of what a true collector would pay. If you don't want the goblets, ask around your family. Not to sell to them , to give. But if no one really is interested, and you really want the space they take up, sell to Replacements. You might also consider donating to charity.

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Thanks, all, for the comments and recommendations. Guess we will have to go to Biltmore another year. Scored flights to Miami, so we are flying tomorrow and then driving to Key West.

I will share with DH the suggestions regarding the china. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I know this isn't a buy/sell forum, but I am looking for a set of sterling flatware. If you want to e-mail me with the pattern and what/how many pieces you have, maybe I can help you out.


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