Williams Sonoma Bakeware

MquinnOctober 11, 2013

I have some Williams Sonoma "gold tone" bakeware. I really like it though it seems to get the bottom of the bread way to dark. I have the pumpkin loaf pan and the lemon loaf pan. Any ideas or suggestions?

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1. try putting your bakeware on a different shelf in your oven. Higher shelf if you have an electric oven.

2. try putting your bakeware on a shiny sheet of aluminum foil.

Let us know how things turn out.


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The WS Gold Tone is the only type bake ware I have & I'm surprised to hear you're having problems with it. I think it's wonderful. My baked goods come out beautiful with no overbrowning - ever. That's primarily why I made the decision to invest in the WS product line. I recently just purchased all new after losing my entire bake ware collection to Sandy. I'm sorry you are having some problems. You might want to try calling WS?


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I don't have that bakeware and have no helpful suggestions for you. However, I did want to second Dcarch's welcome to the Cooking Forum!


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Welcome to the Cooking Forum!


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