You know that one area of the house....

emmhipNovember 26, 2007

That never really seems to get organized? Well for me that is the master bedroom. I really need to get going on it. Right now it's kind of a disaster. I always focus on the living room, kitchen, kid's rooms etc. before my own bedroom. No guests really ever see it, so that is why it is always last on my list, not a great excuse, I know. Well today I am going to try to make some headway. I need to get all the paper clutter off my dresser, and put away a ton of clothes. I also got a new area rug, and I want to move the bed. We'll see how I do!

What is your "fall between the cracks" room or area???

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Definitely the study. I hate paper and sorting paper is my organizing weakness. I have fun organizing everything else. It also is full of books and photos and many other things.

There is also a large closet in there that has all my Xmas ornaments. I tried storing them in the garage once and didn't like that, but it would make things so much easier to keep them there. I think I will force myself to store them there after this holiday is over.

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The one linked below. But I'm working on it.


Here is a link that might be useful: I cannot maintain this space......

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The spare room where our computer is. It's where we store our vacuum cleaner and our rug shampooer, etc. (not enough closet space for them anywhere!) There's no bed in here, so there's always a "spot" to just stick something until I can find a place for it. (Yeah, right! LOL)

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You mean each of you only has ONE area of the house like this?

I have:
-my dresser top
-the area of floor by my side of the bed
-the end of the dining room where the kids set their backpacks
-the floor by the piano
-my tote bag (I know, it's not an "area of the house," but it's in chronic mess)

Good luck w/ your bedroom emmhip--and I just realized, you count the entire bedroom as a single mess! Here I am, counting it as two--but if I did like you, and count it as one, maybe it wouldn't feel so insurmountable?

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Master Bedroom Closet
The office -- because there are LOADS of our EBay store things in there right now -- waiting to be listed and then re-stashed in our garage

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Oh, gosh no! I have several areas that need attention. It's just that the computer room is a CHRONIC one! LOL

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My master bedroom is where all the stuff I don't know what to do with goes until it's stored or given away. It's also the only room in the house that has never been redecorated (we've been here 13 years and it still has the original wallpaper that was here when we moved in). Right now I'm trying to find space for two boxes of books I've culled but want to keep, my DH's over-sized telescope, the humidifier, and the to-be-donated/handed-down clothing bags (one for charity, one for a friend with younger boys, another for a friend with younger girls). Our dog's crate is in our room, too, and takes up way too much space (moving it at this point is out of the question) and the top of it attracts clutter like a magnet.

Like emmhip, my bedroom is always last on my list. Redecorating it might make a good New Year's resolution, but this thread has got me thinking about at least designating a new "dumping ground" for the transitional stuff -- hmmmmmm. We'll see how I do!

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Mine is my craft/workroom. I can close the door too easily. Right now it's good, but when I get something else going, all the overflow or the "to deal with later" stuff gets stuck in there.

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Mine tends to be my master closet. Once laundry gets started I get lazy in putting things away and the clothes get piled on top of the dresser in the closet. The clothes coming home from the cleaners stay in their bag clustered together covering the mirror, then all of a sudden I'll walk into the closet and it's just too much and I have to straighten it up. It's good for about a week then starts all over again.

Quiltglo I had to giggle looking at your sewing room. That's exactly what mine looks like mid project. My husband always says it looks like a fabric bomb went off in the room. I tell him it's my creativity run amok!

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My bedroom dresser. It's where I stash anything important (to me) that I don't want to lose. Earrings, letters, receipts, pet medical records, etc. Then hubby adds coffe cups and dishes, anything he's too lazy to put down in the kitchen. If I would remove five things a day it would get done,I just don't want to start.

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I'm new to this section of the forum, BTW!

Lots of areas throughout the house, but two "rooms"-one is the breakfast nook--I store cookbooks, excess small appliances, grocery bags and extra water in there. I really should fix it up and use it as an actual nook.

The other room is the spare bedroom/office. It functions as my office, laundry room, storage area, spare bedroom so it's got (too many) purposes. I also don't file like I should, so I there are stacks of papers everywhere. For a while, that room was spotless, but now...

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Filing. I have been putting off filing the bills, etc. for the past few months and even had them sitting out in the open in the LR hoping that would "force" me to do it. Today, I finally tackled it but I can't tell you how many times I started and stopped. I'd think that with my obsession of keeping papers, I would enjoy filing.

I think I've finally gotten a handle on my paper problem. They are all organized in the filing cabinet as of right now and I just have to cull them once more. There is only one large folder that I still have to go through that's not in the filing cabinet but it's only one subject and I'm sure I'll be able to get rid of most of the papers in there.

Yesterday, I was at a local store which offered me a free 2008 calendar. The sales clerk then offered me a free magazine with recipes. For the first time in my life, I said I didn't want or need it. If it's not here, there's less to go through and throw out. I can honestly say that 2007 was my year for tackling years of my saving papers.

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You're not only no longer saving papers, but you ARE saving trees!

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